• MA Boating Education Programs

    • 420 Cruising Class

      For advanced sailors seeking to expand their horizons. The cruising class will improve sailors’ skills in the 420, introduce them to basic navigation, expose them to sailboat racing, and offer the chance to sail on a keelboat.

    • 420 Learn to Race

      For sailors who have successfully completed one year of 420 Learn to Sail or Opti Race.

    • 420 Learn to Sail

      For sailors who have successfully completed the Opti 3/LTR class or equivalent sailing qualifications.

    • 420 Race

      For sailors who have successfully completed 420 LTR or equivalent sailing qualifications. This program is intended for experienced racers.

    • 420 Racing Team

      Traveling team for the advanced, dedicated racer. Sailors have travel opportunities throughout New England.

    • 420-1

      This course includes in depth training in rigging a 420 and developing boat handling skills. Sailors will be expected to hike hard, fly the trapeze, set and retrieve a spinnaker, and safely handle a big boat.

    • 420-2

      In depth training in fleet and teamracing techniques, prep for participation in Regattas and interclub team racing.

    • About State Boating Safety and Certification Courses - EVERY WEEK!

      Boating Safety courses are offered every week and weekend throughout the season throughout New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Instructors are licensed USCG Master Captains and deliver the best boater safety and cetification programs. Our 1-Day and 2-Evening courses are for adults and children 10yrs of age and older. Register today!

    • Adult Sailing

      This program is for adults only, whether just learning how to sail or enhancing their skills.

    • Adult Sailing Basics

      Five lessons will consist of both classroom and on the water instruction in a Hunter 17’sailboat.

    • Advanced Adult Class

      The focus of this class is to develop boathandling and seamanship skills. Students will become independent sailors and may become "certified" to use Club boats outside of class.

    • Advanced Seamanship

      For sailors who will be 12 years old by August 31 and have completed any of the following or have equivalent sailing experience: Opti 1A, Opti 1B, 420 LTS, Seamanship. This class is designed as an introduction to cruising Buzzards Bay and the Elizabeth Islands under sail.

    • Beginner Adult Class

      Our beginner classes offer adults a comfortable learning environment in small, personalized classes.

    • Beginner Optimist Class

      Entry level, learn to sail class. Emphasis is on comfort and safety on the water.

    • Beyond Basics Adult Course

      Four lessons and one solo sail will typically consist of preparatory chalk-talks and on the water instruction in a Hunter 17 sailboat.

    • Boat Ed is North America’s leading provider of boating safety education. By completing this NASBLA and State-approved boating course, students can receive their official boating certificate or license. Boat Ed produces print and Internet courses that have provided official safety certification since 1995.

    • Boat Massachusetts

    • Boatwise

      Boating Safety classes

    • Intermediate Optimist Class

      For young sailors looking to hone their skills. Focus will be on developing independence.

    • Laser

      This program is a great confidence builder, with sailors learning they can handle a boat with a big rig.

    • Laser Race Team

      For sailors who have participated in the Optimist Race Team, 420 Race Team or have been in the 420 Learn to Race classes for at least four sessions.

    • Level 1

      Fundamental Skills for novice and younger sailors. Many students will spend a few years in this level honing their skills to prepare for more complex sailing.

    • Level 2

      Development of strong recreational and advanced sailing skills. Students should have prior boating knowledge and sailing skills.

    • Level 3

      For students with strong basic skills and interests in learning the basics of performance or competitive sailing. Students need permission from instructor to participate in this level.

    • Little Mariners

      Developed for first time sailors who have completed the second grade and/or will be eight (8) years old by August.

    • Mate 1

      Lessons start on land with the basics, move into small groups (4-5) in a Hunter sailboat with an instructor on board, and work towards 1 or 2 sailors sailing a Pram on their own.

    • Mate 2

      Classes continue to develop sailing and boat handling skills in prams, along with an introduction to racing.

    • Older Beginner 420 Class

      For beginners age 11 and above or 125lbs. and up. The 420 provides older students the chance to learn in a double-handed boat.

    • Opti

      Sailors, ages 9-13, must own an Optimist class boat. This program provides advanced sailing and racing training.

    • Opti 1A

      For beginner sailors who have completed the third grade and/or will be nine (9) years old by August 31.

    • Opti 1B

      For beginner sailors who have completed the third grade and/or will be nine (9) years old by August 31.

    • Opti 2

      For sailors who have successfully completed the Opti 1 class, this class will move quickly through the curriculum with a concentration on upwind sailing, and will introduce the basics of racing an Optimist.

    • Opti 3/Learn to Race

      This class is designed for students who have successfully completed Opti 2 last season, and desire to pursue an interest in racing Optimists.

    • Opti Race

      Optimist racing is for sailors who have successfully completed the Opti 3/LTR class and wish to learn advanced racing skills in a single-handed Optimist.

    • Optimist Cruising Class

      The Cruising Class is for the advanced Optimist sailor who is eager to sail independently in a wide variety of conditions. Students will gain exposure to advanced sailing and seamanship skills, and will be introduced to racing.

    • Optimist Racing Team

      For the advanced sailor interested in racing. Sailors will work together as a team to develop boathandling and racing skills.

    • Private Lessons

      We offer private instruction on a first-come, first-serve basis.

    • Safe Boating America

      Take a Boating Course! GET YOUR BOATING CERTIFICATION (aka boating license jetski license) IN ONE DAY OR TWO EVENINGS! Choose from classes in Nassau and Suffolk Long Island, Manhattan NYC, Queens Staten Island, Brooklyn, Stamford, Hartford Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts. Also in Freeport, Huntington, Oyster Bay, Manhasset, Port Washington, Islip, Port Jefferson, Stamford, Valley Stream, Westhampton and Babylon, among other locations- or have a private class in the privacy of your own home.Our courses cover EVERYTHING YOU NEED to get on the water by Power Boat, Sail and PWC/Jetski including Navigation, Rules of the Road, Personal Watercraft, Safe Operation, Emergencies- among many other things you need to know by law and for the safety of your vessel, your passengers and your own personal safety. Get your State Boating License. You'll receive a waterproof plastic card from the State of New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and New Jersey upon successful completion of this course. You will leave this class with your boating certificate (a/k/a License) in-hand! Our classes are taught by USCG LICENSED MASTER Captains and Certified State Instructors with years of teaching experience. Course completion cards are engraved plastic, are waterproof, issued by the State and can be replaced if lost at any time- GOOD FOR LIFE! Leave the class with your certification in hand! Call (516) 216-4410 or register online NOW at

    • Seamanship

      This class is designed for the beginner sailor between the ages of 10 to 15.

    • Second Wave

      Topics will include marlinspike seamanship such as knots, hitches, wraps, ties and splicing; fishing: bait, lure, and fly; learning about wind sense, working winds and kite flying; sea and sky: weather, squalls, fog, currents and tides; learning about the boat: getting underway, rigging, sails, under power, rules of the road, navigation; and water emergencies: aground, man overboard, and avoiding trouble.