Complete a Louisiana boat license safety course if you want to get your Louisiana Boater Education Certificate. Even if you are not required to take a boater safety course, they are a good way to learn safe boating laws. Once you have registered your boat and know the Louisiana boat laws, you can enjoy relaxing days with your family on a waterway near you.

When you register your boat, you will need to pay a registration fee amount that is based on the length of your vessel. Boat registration fees are important because they help fund the maintenance of marinas, boat ramps and waterway clean up efforts.

Louisiana Boat Laws and Regulations

As a boat operator, it is your responsibility to stay up to date with the laws governing boating and safe vessel operation. Regardless of whether or not your state requires you to take a boater education course, you will need to know the laws pertaining to boat operation, communications, navigation, and emergency techniques before your first trip out on the water.

If you are a new boater and aren’t sure if your vessel meets state or federal safety requirements, you can request a free vessel safety check from the U.S. Coast Guard. The U.S. Coast Guard can help you with advice about the proper safety equipment to have on board. This may include items such as personal floatation devices, fire extinguishers, and visual distress signals.