When you purchase a Kentucky fishing license, you are contributing to the enhancement of recreational sport fishing for future generations. You can start fishing the best family spots like Camp Ernst Lake or Three Springs Lake once you have a valid fishing license and know the KY fishing laws that apply. Make lasting family fishing memories on the waters of Kentucky.

You can quickly and easily buy a Kentucky fishing license online from the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife Resources or purchase your license in person from a license vendor such as a tackle shop, outdoor sporting goods store or marina.

Kentucky Fishing Laws and Regulations

Fishing laws or regulations are put into effect in order to conserve and improve fish populations. There can be different regulations in place depending on the individual species, waterway, region and state. For this reason, always be sure to check a current set of fishing regulations to be sure you are abiding by all applicable laws.

How to Help with Conservation

As an angler, it is important that you apply proper catch and release techniques in order to help with conservation efforts. There will be times when you will need to release certain species due to regulations requirements or by personal choice. In either situation, the fish should be released quickly and with the least amount of stress possible. For example, when handling a fish that you plan to release, hold the fish horizontally with wet hands while avoiding the gill and eye areas.