If you are under a certain age, you may be required to pass an approved boat safety course and obtain your Kansas boat license before operating a boat. You can complete boating safety courses either online or in a classroom setting in order to to get your boater education card (or boat license).

When you register your boat in Kansas, you will be required to pay a registration fee that helps to fund marinas, boat ramps, waterway clean up efforts and boater education programs. All boats powered by motor or sail must be registered and numbered in the state of Kansas.

Kansas Boating Laws and Regulations

Make sure you stay up-to-date on the current boating laws since they are subject to change and differ for each state. Aside from the safe boating basics, it is the responsibility of every recreational boater to know the laws pertaining to topics such as registration, operating age, safety equipment, regulatory zones and waste discharge.

While boating can be a relaxing recreational experience, it also comes with significant responsibility. A state-approved boating safety course is a great way to learn the boating laws or regulations before your first trip out on the water.