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The Reference Guide to State Boating Laws answers a number of questions related to recreational boating safety public law. Topics covered include boating education, operator age, water skiing, boat noise, numbering & titling, personal watercraft,boating under the influence, personal flotation devices and more. Courtesy of the National Association of State Law Administrators (NASBLA).

The Indiana Boater Education Card is proof that a boater has taken and passed an approved boater education course. As of January 1, 1996, all vessel or PWC operators are required to hold a valid driver's license in order to operate on all Indiana public waters.

All persons who are 15 years of age, or persons 16 years and older who do not have a driver's license, may only operate a motorboat or PWC once they have successfully completed a Boater Education course that is approved by the Department of Natural Resources. They must then carry on board an I.D. issued by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles stating successful course completion, at all times while operating.

You can take your safe boating exam directly on the Internet at™.Once you pass the exam your boater education card is mailed to you rhome.

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