Boaters under a certain age must pass a state-approved boater safety course and get an Indiana boating license before they can legally operate a boat. In order to learn more about the requirements for boat registration and licenses in the state of Indiana, be sure to check the links in this section. 

Although you may not be required to get an Indiana boating license and complete a boating safety course, it is a good idea to take a course anyway. Many safety courses are offered in states throughout the country and are suitable for recreational boaters of all ages.

Indiana Boating Laws and Regulations

In addition to the laws about Indiana boating license requirements, there are laws and regulations in place that pertain to boating safety equipment, personal floatation devices, navigation aids, and regulatory zones. Before you plan your first boating trip, make sure you know all of the safe boating basics. 

Indiana boating laws are subject to change and can differ from laws in other states, so be sure to check for updates. Law enforcement officers monitor the Indiana waterways in order to make everyone’s boating experience safe and pleasant. Practice responsible boating at all times.