• IN Fishing Education Programs

    • 4-Day Spey Rod

      You will learn all aspects of spey rod fishing with both floating and sinking-tip lines.

    • Advanced Class

      The Advanced Class workshop is designed for the student who has taken our Beyond the Basics intermediate level course and wants to improve their tying skills and keep current with techniques and materials.

    • Advanced Fly Casting

      The focus of this class will be on putting you in control of your casting situations.

    • Advanced Fly Casting

      This course meets for one session lasting 3 hours.

    • Advanced Fly Tying

      The advanced classes cover alternative materials and the tying of numerous high skill flies. Principal instructors are Brett Browning, Clark Stevens and Carl Wuebben. This course spans 2 sessions.

    • Advanced Level Casting

      Topics include full line extension casts, presentation casts, long range, line control, and many others.

    • Advanced Nymph Fishing Class

      These fishing methods have proven to be so successful that you can immediately raise the numbers and size of the fish that you normally catch.

    • Advanced Nymphing Class

      This class will cover fly selection, how to "rig up" your rod, use of strike indicators and weight, sight fishing, strike detection, setting the hook, how to fish different types of water, and how to play, land and release trout.

    • Advanced River Guided Program

      The Advanced River Guided Program was designed for the intermediate (through most expert) angler who wants to bring his or her game to a higher level.

    • All About Bait

      Topics discussed in the class will include cast netting, rigging bait, mackerels, mullet, ballyhoo, and others.

    • Andy's Top to Bottom Tactics for Trout

      This is an intermediate to advanced class and will cover nymphing, dry fly techniques and streamer fishing.

    • Angler Education Classes

      ODFW offers formal angler education training. Graduates teach angler education classes.

    • Angling Skills

      Pop can casting and basic skills will lead to proficiency with a variety of rod and reel types. Take home a fishing rod for inspiration and a learning/teaching tool.

    • Annual Free Beginning Fly Tying Classes

      Students will have to provide their own tools and materials, but what to buy is covered in class and available for sale throughout the duration of the class. At the conclusion of the Beginning class, an Intermediate/Advanced class is held to teach advanced tying techniques.

    • Annual Spring Seminar

      Four consecutive Monday evenings in April are dedicated to teaching fly fishing fundamentals.

    • Applied Sea Skills

      Learn to apply fundamental kayaking skills outdoors during 3 sessions paddling in Kachemak Bay I.

    • Aquatic Education Programs

      The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources provides a variety of fishing education programs from Family Fishing Clinics and a Fishing Tackle Loaner Program.

    • Aquatic Resource Education Center

      HOFNOD programs (Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs), training for HOFNOD instructors, Children in Nature Fishing programs, camps and derbies for underserved populations.

    • Basic and Advanced Fly Tying

      In the Basic class, we will teach beginners to tie all of the basics. Our Advanced class deals with more complex patterns and techniques.

    • Basic Course

      The Basic Course is designed for the beginner or novice and will prepare the student to fly fish on their own when they leave.

    • Basic Entomology

    • Basic Entry Level Fly Fishing

      Learn all basic skills and knowledge needed to begin fly fishing.

    • Basic Fishing Class

    • Basic Fly Casting Class

      This class is designed to teach you these fundamentals and we guarantee you will learn to be a better fly caster.

    • Basic Fly Tying

      This class is held twice a year.

    • Basic Flytying

      Ths is a beginning course in the art of flytying.

    • Basic Level Casting Instruction

      The basic level class covers instruction for all basic skills and knowledge needed to start fly fishing.

    • Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW)

      BOW is a three day workshop designed for women ages 18 years or older.

      The workshop offers hands-on instruction in a fun and non-threatening learning environment. Participants choose from over 50 courses such as backyard wildlife, rock climbing, camp cooking, map and compass, camping, mountain biking, shooting sports (pistol, rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, as well as gun safety), fishing, hunting, canoeing, nature photography, nature crafts, archery, ATV handling, bird watching, motor boat handling, and more.

    • Beginner Class

      The goal of this class is to turn out a student who can make an informed decision when purchasing tackle, rig up the tackle, fish on their own, catch fish and have fun doing it.

    • Beginner Fly Casting

      Either as a total beginner or someone that needs a refresher casting lesson, this class addresses the fundamental dynamics of fly casting.

    • Beginners Course

      This class begins with a 3 hour classroom session followed by a full day on the river for hands-on training.

    • Beginners Fly Fishing Clinic

      Topics include equipment introduction, basic entomology, basic knot tying, flies, and basic casting.

    • Beginning Fly Casting

      The instructor will teach the importance of developing the basic casting stroke.

    • Beginning Fly Fishing

      We will cover everything one might encounter when buying a first rod and reel outfit to tying knots and fly fishing presentations.

    • Beginning Fly Tying

      This is a good opportunity to learn to tie flies. The first session will explain what equipment you need and make suggestions on what to buy. Several basic patterns that use common techniques applicable to many other flies will be taught.

    • Beginning Fly Tying Class

      All basic fly tying techniques are taught with emphasis on fly patterns that work well locally. Instructors are some of the best in the country with an average of 20 years teaching fly tying.

    • Beginning Fly Tying

      The class will cover the fundamentals of fly tying including: Tools, materials, basic patterns, and various tying techniques.

    • Beginning Fly Tying

      Over the 8 sessions, you will learn how to tie the flies that will get the fish biting.

    • Beginning Fly Tying

      All supplies are included.

    • Beginning Fly Tying

      This introductory course provides beginning fly tyers instruction on basic techniques used to tie the majority of fly patterns.

    • Beginning Fly-tying

      These classes are offered quarterly.

    • Beginning Stream Fly Fishing

      Beginning Stream Fly Fishing is a highly detailed beginning approach to fly fishing.

    • Beyond the Basics Class

      This one day class is for the intermediate level tier who has acquired the basic skills in handling tools and materials either by previously taking a beginner course anywhere and/or is self taught and tying flies regularly.

    • Building Blocks of Sportfishing

      Topics discussed in this class include knots, hooks, crimps, splices, basic equipment, basic angling techniques and others.

    • Capt. Mike Ostrander

      Instructional fishing trips for youths and adults.

    • Cast and Catch Class

      This 1/2 day class will focus on casting on a lake full of trout, perch, and bass.

    • Casting Class

      This class is instructed by Dan Busby. The Fresno Fly Fishers for Conservation club supports catch and release of wild trout, minimum impact camping and hiking, and generally leaving the areas we visit better than they were before we got there.

    • Casting Clinic

      Club conducts it annual casting clinic in the spring. This event is open to the public and is offered at no charge to participants.

    • Casting Lessons

    • Casting Lessons

      These custom designed individually tailored lessons are a chance to learn the art of casting a fly rod.

    • CATCH

      Adult educator curriculum for K-12 students. 6 hour workshops.

    • Classroom Incubation Tank Program

      Several chapters participate by helping students learn about fish.

    • Community Fishing Event List

      Community Fishing Events (Kids' Fishing Days, Events for Seniors/Disabled Persons/Women)

    • Connecticut Aquatic Resources Education (CARE)

      CARE will introduce you, your family, and your friends to the wonders of water, fish, and fishing.

    • Creek Kids at Tannehill Park


      The Creek Kids Program teaches students in grades four to eight about aquatic environments.

      Students experience an overview of a watershed via a train ride, see the impact of a mill dam on fish passage, and visit the Iron and Steel Museum of Alabama to learn about Alabama’s iron industry. Students manipulate an EnviroScape, an interactive educational model that illustrates how pollution can move into the aquatic environment. Students also wade into a bubbling spring and a creek for a hands-on experience with native fish and invertebrates.

    • CVTU Fly Tying Class

      The course is designed for tiers of all ages and skill levels and is free of charge.

    • District Department of the Environment’s Aquatic Resources Education Center

      The District Department of the Environment’s Aquatic Resources Education Center is located just minutes from Capitol Hill in Anacostia Park. This aquarium and education center houses over 30 species of aquatic life from the three watersheds within the District of Columbia. Visitors can learn about the city’s aquatic resources by taking a tour led by one of our resident fish and wildlife biologists. The staff also delivers aquatic education programs to school and community groups seeking experiential field trips that meet school science standards. Learn more about the education programs and make a reservation for your class or group by calling 202-727-7400 or emailing ddoe.arec@dc.gov. Programs are free and a limited amount of transportation is available to groups. The Aquatic Resources Education Center is located at 1900 Anacostia Drive, SE, Washington, DC. To learn more visit: http://ddoe.dc.gov/arec.

    • DNR Camps and Workshops

      The Iowa DNR offers several camps and workshops for all ages and experience levels to learn more about outdoor skills including fishing, boating, kayaking, shooting, orienteering, hunting and much more.

    • Dolphin and Wahoo Secrets

      Topics include best baits, trolling speeds, lures, finding the birds, and downriggers, among others.

    • Doug Darr

      Education Programs by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources.

    • Dry Fly & Emerger Fly Fishing

      A specialty class covering how to fish emergers and dry flies. You will learn how to fish large and small patterns.

    • Entomology for Flyfishers

      Damselflies, midges, caddisflies, stoneflies and mayflies will be covered in depth.

    • Equipment Selection & Maintenance

      This class is given at least once a year.

    • Family Fishing

      Learn the basic skills necessary to catch a fish. Topics covered in the program will include species that are commonly found around the pier, a lesson on fish identification, how to cast and tie your rigs as well as catch and release techniques.

    • Fish Banks, LTD for Delaware

      A simulation-based program introducing middle school through adult audiences to sustainable resource use issues, through role-playing the operation of a fishing business.

    • Fish Camp

      Fish Camp is a 4 night, 5-day summer flyfishing camp for kids in Northern California.

    • Fish Iowa! A Teaching Module

      A comprehensive module to teach basic spincasting, Fish Iowa! incorporates physical education, health, biology, geography, and family and consumer sciences into a program that focuses on fishing. It is designed for use in formal settings with middle school through senior high students, but easily adapts to nonformal programs such as camps, scout outings, etc. Fish Iowa! works with students with all levels of abilities.Materials are available to Iowa educators and youth leaders only through training sessions (one-on one) and workshops.

    • Fish Iowa! An Introduction to Fly-fishing

      Designed to introduce the angler to the basics of fly-fishing; basic equipment, assembly, and casting techniques are presented.

    • Fish Iowa! Games Casting Competition

      Fish Iowa! Games is a competition where students cast from three distances using the flipping, pitching, and overhand techniques. It was developed by the Iowa Sports Foundation, in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, in 2006. Since then, over 49,000 K-12 students throughout the state have participated.

    • Fishing (Basic)

      This class for beginning anglers covers the basics of rod & reel handling, knot tying, using bait and lures, and preparing fish for the table.

    • Fishing Class

      Every Saturday at 10:00 AM there is a free fishing class held at the launch ramp of Lake Cuyamaca. The class covers all the basics you need to catch fish that day.

    • Fishing Dry Flies

      Learn the tactics and techniques to make you a dry fly master.

    • Fishing for Kids

      Youngsters are educated in such topics as Fish Identification, Lures, Fishing Knots, Fish Cleaning, Angling/Boat Safety, and Casting. They are also treated to a couple hours of fishing.

    • Fishing Lakes

      This on-lake class is given during monthly club trips.

    • Fishing Moving Water

      This class is given once in winter.

    • Fishing Nymphs and Wet Flies

      Experienced anglers will teach you various techniques for fishing these popular flies.

    • Fishing Seminar/Clinic Program

      To help supply these tools to anglers, seminars and clinics are periodically held at various locations across the state. These educational events can be tailored to a variety of skill levels, from beginner to seasoned professional.

    • Fishing Soft Hackles & Wet Flies

      A specialty school covering all aspects of learning about the art of wet fly and soft hackle fly fishing.

    • Float Fishing - 101

      Casting instruction format will cover same basic topics as Trout 101--basic casting, roll casting, mending line and side-arm casting, knot tying, locating fish and reading a stream.

    • Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation and Commission Education Programs

      The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is committed to introducing teachers, youth, adults and families to exciting ways they can learn more about our diverse fish and wildlife resources. But, it's not just about learning, it's about getting outside and having fun too.

    • Florida Fishing Academy

      The Florida Fishing Academy (FFA) is a nonprofit,501(c)(3) organization formed in 2006for the purpose of empowering at-risk youthwith positive life skills, alternatives to destructiveor antisocial behavior and a sense of responsibilityfor shaping the world around them.FFA uses fishing as a vehicle for delivering theselessons, weaving effective life, environmentaland social skills into a youth-oriented, handsonsports angling curriculum.

    • Florida Saltwater Seminar

      Weekend seminar with a welcome party, classroom presentations on offshore, bottom, inshore and fly fishing, and a half day fishing adventure.

    • Fly Casting

      The Northwest Fly Anglers hold their annual Fly Casting classes at the Green Lake Casting Pier. The class is primarily for the beginner.

    • Fly Casting Class

      Beginner and intermediate casting classes are offered.

    • Fly Casting Clinic

      The club holds an annual spring fly casting tune-up clinic and barbecue in April.

    • Fly Casting Clinic

      Santa Barbara Flyfishers offers fly casting clinics to its' beginner, novice and expert fly casters.

    • Fly Casting Clinics

      These are held in the spring with FFF certified master Jeff Putnam.

    • Fly Casting Lessons

      These classes are held less often than fly tying.

    • Fly Casting Lessons

      Fly casting seminars are offered to individuals who would like to learn the art of fly casting without enrolling in a full fly fishing school. Beginner, intermediate and expert classes are available.

    • Fly Casting Lessons

      The free lessons are offered at Lake Murray.

    • Fly Casting Lessons

      Smoky Mountain Guide Service offers fly casting lessons in an on the stream or tailwater setting.

    • Fly Casting School

      Our school will provide you with all the casting skills, basic and advanced, that you need to enjoy your time on the water.

    • Fly Casting

      This class starts off with the basics of fly casting, teaching you a variety of casts that will prepare you for all fishing conditions.

    • Fly Casting

      This class is either held five times a year and by request.

    • Fly Casting-Advanced

      This course lasts 4 sessions.

    • Fly Casting-Beginners

      This course starts with the basic fundamentals and continues 6 weeks, every session covering something new.

    • Fly Fishing 101

      Students of this elegant sport learn basic casting, knots, and get an understanding of equipment and gear along with fly fishing etiquette and “catch-and-release” philosophy.

    • Fly Fishing 101

      Check the website for basic equipment recommendations.

    • Fly Fishing 101

      Introduction to Fly Fishing Every Wednesday Evening with Bill Teresco and Steve White. Bill was a math teacher/administrator for 37 years and has been fly fishing for over 35 years. Steve is a Certified Fly Casting Instructor from the Federation of Fly Fishers and has also been fly fishing for over 35 years. Come and learn from these two experienced fly fishers and begin to enjoy this relaxing and pleasurable sport.The basics of Fly Fishing are easier than you think!Learn the fundamentals that will give you a solid foundation with professional fly caster Steve White & Fly Tying expert Bill Teresco.Week One: EquipmentRods, Line & ReelsLeaders & TippetsWaders & BootsKnots, Vests & AccessoriesWeek Two: Basics of Fly CastingLearn from FFF certified fly casting instructor Steve White, the basics of fly casting that will give you techniques for a lifetime of fly fishing fun & success!Week Three: On the Water StrategiesWhat a trout sees, feels & hearsReading the water - where the trout are hidingDifferent parts of trout streams, fishing ponds & lakesWeek Four: What do trout eat & what fly to useMayflies, Caddies & StonefliesOther trout entrees and the flies to catch them.Classes will take place every Wednesday at 7:00 PM in front of the big fish tank in the main aisle.These classes are FREE!!!! For more information please call the Fly Shop at (702) 730-5200 ext 4043

    • Fly Fishing Academy

      This is a comprehensive course aimed at beginning and novice fly fishers that covers a bit of everything to get you started in the sport.

    • Fly Fishing Class

      A Program by Kenai Peninsula College

    • Fly Fishing Class

      We've packed a lot of information into an 8 hour day, including: casting, knots, equipment, fishing strategies and fly selection, for coldwater, warmwater and saltwater species.

    • Fly Fishing Class

      This program provides sessions on gear, casting, flies, fishing logic and stream techniques.

    • Fly Fishing Classes

      The club sponsors this class for members.

    • Fly Fishing Classes at Clearwater Lake

      This class will focus primarily on Trout.

    • Fly Fishing Classes

      Unicoi Outfitters' fly fishing class provides a well rounded set of basic skills to help you gain confidence in your abilities and experience a sense of accomplishment.

    • Fly Fishing Clinics

      These classes are for people ages 13 and up who want to try their hand at this increasingly popular sport.

    • Fly Fishing for Kids

      Kids ages 9 to 14 will learn the basics of fly fishing including casting, knot tying, rigging their rod, fly selection and fly tying from a Blue Quill Angler instructor.

    • Fly Fishing for Trout in Missouri

      This is your opportunity to learning all about the wonderful trout fishing opportunities in Missouri.

    • Fly Fishing for Women

    • Fly Fishing from A to Z

      This one night seminar is designed to be your one stop opportunity to learn all about the art of fly fishing.

    • Fly Fishing in Winter

      Our professional Orvis Endorsed guides will work with each one of the members of your group if you desire instruction, or you can just fish alone to your hearts content.

    • Fly Fishing Kids Camp

      RMA's Kids Fly Fishing Camp is a summer flyfishing adventure in Boulder, Colorado. Expert fly fishing guides provide a varity of fun activities both on and off the water that help children explore the world of fly fishing. Small groups are the key to this learning experience. With a 4 to 1 student ratio, RMA's Kids Fly Fishing Camp provides a fun and relaxed exploration into the art of fly fishing in a safe and educational manner. Throughout the course of the fly fishing camp, all of the basics of fly fishing and information necessary to fish independently.

    • Fly Fishing Lessons

      Our guides are available for private instruction in a one on one environment that allows you to set the curriculum and learn the skills that you would like to master.

    • Fly Fishing Presentation Skills

      The class teaches how to approach a given fishing situation and the best options for catching fish in that situation. This is an on-water class during which you will be fishing.

    • Fly Fishing Private Instruction

      We offer one or more days of private instruction. We work individually with each student according to their ability and can help those from absolute beginners to those with advanced skills.

    • Fly Fishing School

      You will learn where and why trout hold where they do. More specifically you will learn which situations and conditions require a dry fly, nymph, wet fly or streamer.

    • Fly Fishing School for Women

      The purpose of the class is to help you develop all the skills and understanding necessary to catch trout on a fly rod.

    • Fly Fishing School

    • Fly Fishing Schools

      Our schools are sixteen hours of both classroom and on the river instruction.

    • Fly Fishing Seminar

      This course is offered to club members.

    • Fly Fishing Techniques

      This class is designed for the fly fisher who has mastered the basics of knots, casting, and fly patterns.

    • Fly Fishing with Streamers

      Wildlife Conservation Corps members Jim Flatley and Pierre Benoist will conduct a seminar for fly fishers with some experience.

    • Fly Rod Building Class

      The class is designed for building a quality fly rod for fresh or salt water. The novice can easily build a fly rod with patience and this class.

    • Fly Tying Class

      The Santa Barbara Flyfishers schedule fly tying classes covering beginning, intermediate and advanced tying.

    • Fly Tying Class

      Beginner, intermediate, and occasional advanced classes are offered.

    • Fly Tying Classes

      These are held in spring by master tyer Bob Zasoski.

    • Fly Tying Classes

      The instruction is free for club members although there is sometimes a nominal charge for fly tying materials.

    • Fly Tying Claves

      Members of all abilities are encouraged to attend. A beginners table will be available for members new to saltwater fly tying. The club will provide tools and materials to support this program.

    • Fly Tying Course

      The Boise Valley Fly Fishermen will hold a five-week "Beginning Fly Tying" class. The class is limited to 12 students.

    • Fly Tying Course

      All materials for the course will be supplied for each lesson at the club only. Students must use their own materials for tying at home and must supply their own fly tying tools.

    • Fly Tying Demonstrations

      Expert tiers from the East Jersey Chapter of Trout Unlimited tie their favorite patterns in the exhibit hall every Saturday in March.

    • Fly Tying Lesson

      Each class focuses on specific patterns.

    • Fly Tying Sessions

      These sessions give members hands-on opportunities in tying flies as demonstrated by veteran tiers.

    • Fly Tying Workshops

      Fly tying clinics are free and open to the public. All ages, genders and levels of experience will be welcomed.

    • Fly Tying Workshops

      One session is for beginning fly tyers and the second is for seasoned tyers.

    • Fly Tying

      This class is sponsored by the club for members.

    • Fly Tying

      During the year we offer a number of fly tying classes and clinics at no charge.

    • Fly Tying

      This class is directed by Jerry Hopewell and takes place in Reedly, CA.

    • Fly Tying

      At the Mission Peak Fly Anglers we hold monthly workshops where our members and occasionally guest tiers demonsrate and lead the group in tying new patterns.

    • Fly Tying

      Tying classes are limited in size to provide as much one on one instruction as possible.

    • Flycasting

      Ongoing lessons are available to members.

    • Flycasting

      Private lessons are offered.

    • Flyfishing Academy

      Attendees will be introduced to the sport of flyfishing and learn about terminology, tackle, entomology, fly tying, reading water, casting and presentation techniques.

    • Flyfishing Classes

      Our Fall class series is a Beginning Fly Fishing class for adults.

    • Genoa National Fish Hatchery

      Annual Kid's Fishing Day Boys and girls ages 6 through 12 will not only learn about fishing, but will get a chance to catch fish during the annual fishing clinic from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. May 16 at the Genoa National Fish Hatchery in Genoa. Children must attend the fishing clinic in the morning to attend the fishing session in one of the hatchery ponds at 10 a.m. Fishing poles will be available. Lunch, soft drinks and water will be provided by the Friends of the Upper Mississippi Fishery Services. For more information, call (608) 689-2605.

    • Getting Started in Fishing

      Members of the Central Jersey Chapter of Trout Unlimited will be at Pequest to let you try your hand casting different fishing outfits.

    • Group Classes

      With families as our specialty, the 2-3 hour Beginning to Fly Fishing class covers basic equipment, important knots and casting.

    • Gulf Stream Fishing 101

      Learn how to become a more effective Gulf Stream fishermen targeting species such as Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Mahi-Mahi and Billfish.

    • Hooked on Fishing

      “Hooked on Fishing Summer Camp” for girls and boys ages 8 – 14. Hooked on Fishing Summer Camp is a fun, hands-on ecology program that teaches young anglers to “think like a fish.” Campers will learn to fish, or improve fishing skills, explore aquatic environments and learn about Ethical Angling

    • IA DNR Events Calendar

      This calendar contains upcoming public events and information about each event

    • Individual Casting Instruction

      In addition to diagnosing problems, casting instruction can enhance your fly presentation, increasing your ability to catch more fish in different situations and conditions.

    • Intermediate/Advanced Classes

      The curriculum includes advanced casting techniques, nymphing, fishing the dry fly, emerger fishing, and sinking line techniques.

    • Intermediate Fly Casting

      Certified Federation of Fly Fishers casting instructors will teach you advanced casting techniques including the reach mend, wiggle cast, and the double haul. This course is not for beginners.

    • Intermediate Fly Fishing Class

      This class will cover casting, line control, and reading water.

    • Intermediate Fly Fishing Clinic

      Topics include reading water, approach and presentation, casting accuracy, fighting and landing fish, and drift.

    • Intermediate Fly Tying

      The roundtable is designed for all levels of fly tying where beginners can learn from experts and experts can share their tricks and ideas.

    • Intermediate Fly Tying Course

      This is our second level class for the person getting re-started in fly tying or who has previous fly-tying experience.

    • Intermediate Fly Tying

      This four night class is for those who have mastered the basics.

    • Intermediate Fly Tying

      All supplies are included.

    • Intermediate Fly Tying

      This class is held eleven times over the course of the year.

    • Intermediate Fly-tying

      These classes are offered in the spring.

    • Intermediate Level Casting

      For those who have established some fly fishing skill and want to learn new skills and improve on technique.

    • Intermediate Level Fly Fishing

      For those who have established some fly fishing skill and now want to move on to new skills and techniques.

    • Intermediate Spey Casting Class

      These classes are for all students that have completed the Introductory Spey Casting Class above.

    • Intro to Entymology

      In the Entomology class we focus on the life cycles of the four major aquatic insects that are associated with trout (mayfly, stonefly, caddis and midges) and get practical experience in identifying the different species by examining specimens caught in local streams and lakes. Dave Parker is the principal entomology instructor. This class meets once for 3.5 hours.

    • Intro to Fly Casting

      The introduction classes include grip, stances, basics of the casting stroke and lots of practice. Hopefully you will come out of these classes with the knowledge and practical experience to do the 4-part cast, the roll cast, false casting and shooting line. Instructors include Ray Moon, Rod Castanien, Rick Prolux, Mike Wright, Doug Spieske, Roger Wood and Don Johnson.

    • Intro to Fly Fishing

      In the intro class to fly fishing, we cover the fundamentals of fly fishing tackle, knots, fly selection, casting and fly fishing strategies for trout and other game fish. This is an excellent class for the beginning fly fisherman and provides a good foundation for continued study and fishing. This course meets on day for 6 hours.

    • Intro to Fly Tying

      All material is provided for the Introduction classes to include vises, lights, thread, etc. In these classes you learn the basics of fly tying, to include proportion, thread control, hook sizes, tying material and tying different types of flies. Techniques for tying wings, posts, palmering, tails, bodies and dubbing will also be covered. Principal instructors are Brett Browning, Clark Stevens and Carl Wuebben. This course spans 3 sessions.

    • Intro to Insects for the Fly Fisherman

      This is a beginning to intermediate level course designed to help make fly fishing and insect identification as easy as the ABC's.

    • Introduction to Fly Fishing

      The purpose of the class is to help you develop all the skills and understanding necessary to catch trout on a fly rod.

    • Introduction to Fly Fishing and Casting Class

      The purpose of this introductory course is to provide a beginner's most basic look at the world of fly fishing.

    • Introduction to Fly Fishing

      Over four nights you will learn equipment, flies, and stream tactics and practice your casting under the watchful eyes of experienced fly anglers.

    • Introduction to Fly Fishing

      This class covers equipment, the proper tackle for the type of fishing you with to participate in, how the equipment works, the best equipment with which to start, equipment maintenance, fly selection, how to find fish and where to go.

    • Introduction to Fly Fishing

      We teach the basics of the fly cast, as well as the proper techniques needed to catch a trophy trout on a fly.

    • Introduction to Fly Fishing

      No equipment required for this review of what you need to get started.

    • Introduction to Fly Tying

      The purpose of this class is to introduce the beginner to the correct use of fly tying tools, materials and tying techniques necessary to produce durable and effective nymphs, streamers, wet flies and dry flies used in Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing.

    • Introduction to Fly Tying

      This four night class will teach you all you need to know to enjoy a lifetime of creating your own flies for trout, pan fish and bass.

    • Introduction to Fly Tying

      This course provides students with more than 14 hours of fly-tying instruction by some of the region's most experienced tiers.

    • Introduction to Flyfishing

      This all-day class provides students with instruction in all aspects of flyfishing, including tackle, accessories, knots, casting, entomology, streamside safety and etiquette.

    • Introduction to Flyfishing

      During this two day class you will be taught the fundamentals of casting, knot tying, fly and equipment selection, reading the water, safety, and of course catching fish.

    • Introduction to Net Building

      Students learn to build their own custom laminated-wood nets.

    • Introduction to Rodbuilding

      This class provides students with several hours of rodbuilding instruction by one of the region's most experienced craftsmen.

    • Introduction to Tying Bass Bugs

      This is an advanced course, designed for experienced tyers.

    • Introductory Fly-Tying Course

      This Course will provide the student tyer with all the basic knowledge, skills, and fundamentals required for tying effective saltwater flies in a casual environment.

    • Introductory Spey Casting Class

      This class is about spey casting at its most rudimentary level and will provide a solid foundation to build upon.

    • Junior Angler Fishing Clinics

      These classes are geared especially for kids to help them learn basic fishing skills through fun, hands-on activities.

    • Just the Basics

      This introductory to fly fishing class includes both casting and some fly presentation techniques.

    • Kenai Fishing Academy

      A weeklong fishing and outdoor education class at Univ. of AK.

    • Kids Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs

      This youth essay contest is available to 32 middle schools located in Atlantic County and targets 8th graders.

    • Kids Lets Go Fishing!

      The Reward Fishing Fleet based in Miami Florida offers groups of kids the opportunity to learn how to fish through instruction in habitat awareness,resource stewardship, and ethical angling techniques. We can take groups as large as 50 kids and 20 supporting adults. We use light tackle,and small barbless circle hooks for safety and ease of releasing the fish. We promote the state's rules and regulations, and catch and release only.Our services have been used by Dade County Public Schools for the past two years as a unique and fun field trip.

    • Lanyard Class

      This class is given once in spring.

    • Learn to Double Haul

      Learn to double haul in four (4) easy steps. This class also focuses on loop control for fishing in particular situations or with particular flies.

    • Learning Opportunities - Fishing Clinics

      Throughout the year, the Department of Natural Resources works with local parks departments and fishing clubs and organizations to put on fishing clinics and other events. These are excellent opportunities to introduce fishing to people both young and old.

    • Learning to Cast

      There are many types of spey casts. You can learn all of them from us.

    • Let's Go Fishing

      Let's Go Fishing classes are a great way to learn how to fish or develop your fishing skills. Courses are offered throughout the state by trained volunteer instructors who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to help the beginning angler get started.

    • Line Building: Simple and Easy with Al Buhr

      This six-hour class will dispel many mysteries in designing and building fly fishing lines.

    • Live Bait King Mackerel fishing 101

      This class is guaranteed to make you a better live bait fisherman.

    • Michigan Aquatic Ecology

      Learn about the things that make our aquatic ecosystems tick by using some very interesting activities involving our Great Lakes watersheds, invertebrates and neat sampling experiments designed to get you involved.

    • Midatlantic Schools

      A.F.F.S. Member Schools in this region can teach you how to catch fish from some of the most diverse and exciting fresh and saltwater fishing waters.

    • MinnAqua

      MinnAqua is a statewide education program designed to teach angling recreation and stewardship as well as the ecology and conservation of aquatic habitats.

    • Net Construction

      Three classes are held early in the year.

    • New Jersey Hooked on Fishing, Not On Drugs Program

      A statewide adult-led youth fishing education program sponsored by NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife. The program provides free leader training, as well as fishing gear and equipment for participating youth.

    • NH Becoming an Outdoors-Woman

      Becoming An Outdoors-Woman is a workshop focused on the learning of outdoor skills - skills usually associated with hunting and fishing, but useful for many outdoor pursuits.

    • North East Schools

      The North East States provide some of the best trout and salmon fishing in the Country along with a variety of saltwater gamefish species from Stripers to Tunas that will test the skills of any angler.

    • Norton's Dry Dock Free Fishing Seminars

      Free Fishing Seminars at Norton’s Dry Dock to be held on March 10th and 11th. Your help in promoting these free evenings of fishing facts and new tactics is greatly appreciated. FREE FISHING SEMINARS MARCH 10th and 11th NORTON’S DRY DOCK HWY 73 & T PRINCETON Two free Fishing Seminars will be held March 10th and 11th at Norton’s Dry Dock, Hwy 73 & T, Princeton. Each evening, the seminars will begin at 7:00 pm sharp. A question and answer period will follow each presentation. Also, great door prizes will be given away each night. Wednesday, March 10th at 7:00 pm see media personality, Tony Puccio, co-owner of Bait Rigs Tackle, fishing guide, and tackle designer. Tony has been classified by anglers as an “Angler’s Angler” and the “Sportsman’s Sportsman”. He is serious about walleyes. Come early to get a seat for “Walleye’s by Tony!” Thursday, March 11th at 7:00 pm Daryl Christensen will be letting out some of the secrets he’s kept to himself, secrets he’s learned on the PWT circuit. Bring a friend or come and keep the secrets to yourself, just don’t miss the ever popular speaker and colorful fishing legend. Walleyes, bass, northern pike and what ever you want to know he’s “Letting out the Secrets.” Please come and enjoy this years FREE Fishing Seminars. Education is the key to becoming a better sportsperson and this is your chance. For more information, call Norton’s Dry Dock at (920) 295-3462 or email at info@nortonsdrydock.com.

    • Nymph Fishing Strategy

      Nymph fishing skills are a must. The majority of trout you catch will be with a subsurface presentation. A must for every fly fisher!

    • ODFW Aquatic and Angler Education Program

      ODFW Aquatic and Angler Education is a statewide program, led by trained volunteers, designed to teach recreational angling and stewardship as well as the ecology and conservation of aquatic habitats.

    • On The Water Classes - Yuba River

      This is a great class for anglers who want to develop trout fishing methods or just learn about one of the finest local trout fisheries.

    • One Day Advanced River Program

      Designed for the intermediate and advanced angler. Includes instruction on advanced casting and on-the-river fly presentation to wild trout; dries, nymphs, emergers, and streamers with floating and sinking lines.

    • Fly fishing School with

      Our one day clinic focuses on the fundamentals of fly casting.

    • One Day Fly Fishing 101

      Class covers all equipment, knots, entomology, casting, and lunch.

    • One Day Introduction to Fly Fishing

      Covers casting instruction, knots, and on-the-river casting to wild trout with dry flies and nymphs.

    • One Day Specialty Clinic

      One Day Clinics are intended for those with previous fly fishing experience.

    • Outdoor Adventures


      The Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources invites you to "Step Outside®."  We want you to feel comfortable enjoying the outdoors, so we sponsor a series of hands-ons days where you can participate.

    • People and Fish

      Find out about Great Lakes issues and human involvement, like commercial vs. sportfishing, allocation and game laws.

    • Private Beginning Fly Tying

      This class offers a private version of the introductory course.

    • Private Clinics

      These clinics are tailored to the student's specific desires, skill levels and schedule.

    • Private Instruction

      Spring Creek Anglers offers private fly fishing instruction at many levels.

    • Private Intermediate Fly Tying

      This class helps fly tyers who have mastered the basics progress to more realistic, creative and demanding fly patterns.

    • Private Lessons

      With one-on-one instruction, the time it takes to learn will be cut dramatically.

    • Private Lessons

      These classes are specifically tailored to the student's needs.

    • Private Lessons

      This class has the same curriculum as Beginning Stream Fly Fishing, but the dates and times are set by the student, with one-on-one attention.

    • Project WILD Aquatic

      Learning about wildlife in the environment is just part of the goals of this program. It allows student experiences to be the source of the teaching. The activity guide is full of activities that may be immediately added to any K-12 curriculum. More than 12,000 Iowa educators have participated in workshops and use the materials with more than 500,000 Iowa youth.

    • Reading the Water for Trout

      This short class will help you break down the sections of the stream and identify the most likely holding places for trout.

    • Rod Building

      Build a fly rod or conventional rod under the expert instruction of LBCC rod builders.

    • Rod Building Lessons

      We help you pick out all the hardware and build it on our specialized equipment.

    • Rod Building Seminar

      This course is offered to club members.

    • Rod Building

      The course includes rod kit selection, and all tools and supplies necessary to complete your very own custom rod. Instruction is provided by our own master rod builder, Rick Proulx, and includes teaching of all the skills needed to construct your rod to include rod blank selection, determination of the blanks spine, guide placement, handle prep, and the difficult skill of guide wrapping. This course spans 6 sessions.

    • Rod Building

      This class will run for six sessions.

    • Rod Building

      Group and individual lessons are available.

    • Rod Construction

      This class is held early in the year.

    • Salmon and Trout Education Program (S.T.E.P.)

      S.T.E.P. is an environmental education program for First grade through high school. It teaches students about the life cycles of salmon and steelhead trout, the preservation of their habitat, and the sensitive inter-relationships affecting local watersheds.

    • Salmon University Course

      This is the 101 college level course on all aspects of the sport of salmon fishing. The class is great for the beginning angler up to the pro looking to hone their salmon angling techniques.

    • Salmon-Spey-Doubled Handed Rod

      Topics include overhand cast, roll cast, and single and double spey.

    • Shark Seminar

      This seminar is open to the public for a small fee but is free to club members.

    • Southern Schools

      AFFS offers group trips to several great fly fishing locations for exciting tarpon, bonefish, redfish, snook and many offshore species.

    • Spey Fishing - Casting to fly presentation

      Flyfishing & Guide Schools of Oregon offers Spey Casting beginning through intermediate. Be introduced, or develop to the spey casts that will provide the tools and the foundation for you to fly castfor trout or steelhead/salmon. We cover the roll cast, overhead cast, and switch cast for both single and double handed rods. Then move to the single spey, "C", snake roll, double handed rods. This will enable you to cast and fish on both sides of the river whatever the wind direction.

    • Sport Fishing Educational Program

      Our programs are conducted in a safe, open learning environment and are especially designed for the beginning angler.

    • Sport Fishing Training Program

      To teach basic fishing skills required to understand the operations in the cockpit area of a sport fishing vessel.

    • Streamside Casting Instruction

      This is our intermediate/on-stream fly casting class for the person just getting started in fly fishing or who has very little casting experience.

    • Striped Bass Seminar

      This seminar is open to the public for a small fee but is free to club members.

    • Successful Sword Fishing

      Topics in this class include best baits, setting your drift, importance of depth, catch and release techniques, and others.

    • Tackle Crafting

      This session will get you making the equipment you can use to catch fish.

    • Taking Advantage of Wrecks and Reefs

      Topics will include best baits, live bait rigging, deep dropping, and buying the right tackle, among others.

    • The 6-Hour Class

      Make no mistake, you will catch a trout during this class!

    • The Complete Flyfisher

      Two extremely full days of intense learning.

    • The Outdoor Campus

      The Outdoor Campus is an outdoor skills, learning and nature center run by the South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks in Sioux Falls. The center offers many wonderful programs and classes for all ages. Visit The Outdoor Campus website for more information.

    • Tie and Lie

      This is an informal session of tying flies, swapping techniques, and general telling of tall tales.

    • Tropical Saltwater Fly-fishing University

      Each morning of instruction will be followed by a guided bonefishing trip on Andros Island's middle-bight, one of the last unspoiled frontiers in the Northern hemisphere. Upon returning to the lodge you can relax at the bay side grill for drinks and dinner, followed by evening discussions of the days events including further instruction on casting and fishing techniques.

    • Trout-101

      Trout 101 seeks to break down the process into simple steps, taking the mystery out of the sport.

    • Tuna Seminar

      This fishing seminar is open to the public for a small fee but is free for FTC members.

    • Two Day Basic Skills Clinic

      This clinic is intended to lay a sound foundation for those new to the sport.

    • Tying Lessons

      We offer both beginner and advanced tying classes where we tie a variety of nymph and dry fly patterns.

    • Understanding Sailfish

      Topics include kite fishing, success with circle hooks, reading the water, and catching multiples, among others.

    • Upper Sacramento River Fly Fishing School

      If you are new to fly fishing or have "just gotten your feet wet", this fly fishing lesson will cover everything from equpiment to presentations.

    • Utah Division of Wildlife Resources: Youth Fishing Clubs

      Most youth fishing clubs start in April but a few begin as late as June. Clubs generally meet once a week for six weeks. The children spend the first 30 minutes of each two-hour class learning about fish, where they live, and how to catch them. Then, adult volunteers help the kids use their new skills to catch fish.

    • Wildlife Action of Georgia Jr. Angler Program

      Wildlife Action of Georgia Jr. Angler program is geared towards the Jr. Angler that has little or no fishing experience both male and female anglers are welcome. Jr. Anglers will complete a 16 hr. basic fishing education course and then be able to fish with an adult in our Jr. Angler Points Race. Boats can be Jon boats or canoes. Jon boats must be electric only. We normally fish once a month with the Jr. Anglers.

    • Women's Fly Fishing Clinic

      This class is for women by women. The 5 hours of instructions cover all the basics to enjoy your time on the water, including casting, knot tying and fly selection.

    • Youth Fishing

      Yearly fishing programs and special events are planned through the Division and ARE Center.