Whether you want to fish for bluegill from the shores of Johnson Lake in Kewanee or troll for salmon on the waters of Lake Michigan, you will have to purchase an IL fishing license first. How much does a fishing license cost? This depends on the type of license you buy. There are a number of options depending on if you are a resident, non-resident, senior or veteran.

Fishing licenses can be purchased either online from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources or from approved license vendors that sell hunting and fishing equipment.

IL Fishing Rules and Regulations

Once you have purchased your IL fishing license, make sure you read the fishing laws and regulations that apply in your local area. There are both statewide and site specific fishing rules that anglers are required to follow order to conserve fish populations now and for future generations of anglers.

Keeping Conservation in Mind

How can you keep conservation in mind every time you go fishing? First, by following and understanding the importance of fishing laws. Second, by practicing catch and release whenever possible. Anglers who practice catch and release return fish back into the waters where they were caught in order to encourage populations to thrive.