While it may not be a requirement to obtain an Idaho boat license, responsible boaters sign up to take a boater education course before operating a boat so that they understand all of the boat laws that apply. When you take a boating education course, it helps you become a more knowledgeable boater and may reduce your insurance rates in some cases.

Before you take your new boat out for the first time, you will need to register the vessel with the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) and pay the associated registration fees. Boat registration dollars are collected to help fund the maintenance of state waterways.

Idaho Boat Laws and Regulations

Every boat owner is responsible for knowing and obeying the laws that regulate the vessel’s registration, titling and operation. You will need to have your boat registration paperwork, your Certificate of Title, all required safety equipment, and follow the boating rules of the road.

Since Idaho boating laws are subject to change and vary from the boating laws in other states, visitors or new residents should always check the current laws that apply. Whether the laws apply to obtaining an Idaho boat license, navigation, emergency proceduresor special regulatory zones, never assume the laws are the same from one state to the next.