• ID Fishing Education Programs

    • Beginning Fly Tying Class

      All basic fly tying techniques are taught with emphasis on fly patterns that work well locally. Instructors are some of the best in the country with an average of 20 years teaching fly tying.

    • Casting Clinic

      This class is a great opportunity for Club members and the public to learn fly casting from some of the most experienced fly fishermen in Idaho.

    • Classroom Incubation Tank Program

      Several chapters participate by helping students learn about fish.

    • Entymology For Fly Fishers

      The Instructor is Dr. Harley Reno, a local expert and licensed fishing guide knowledgeable on all aspects of fly fishing. This is one the best classes you can take to learn about the life cycle of insects living in and near river systems and how this relates to fly fishing.

    • Fly Fishing 101

      Check the website for basic equipment recommendations.

    • Fly Rod Building Class

      The class is designed for building a quality fly rod for fresh or salt water. The novice can easily build a fly rod with patience and this class.

    • Fly Tying Course

      The Boise Valley Fly Fishermen will hold a five-week "Beginning Fly Tying" class. The class is limited to 12 students.

    • Free Beginning Fly Fishing Class

      The class is designed for beginners. This is a great chance to start fly-fishing, and it is free.

    • Free Fly Casting Class

      The class is designed for beginners and intermediate casting levels. This is a great chance to start casting or improve you casting ability, and it is free.

    • Free Kids' Fishing Day

      The goal of this event is to actually teach the children some basic skills (casting, baiting hooks) before they take their turn at the pond.