Once you have purchased an Iowa fishing license, you can fish for a diverse number of freshwater species such as bluegill, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, channel catfish, crappie, trout, walleye, muskie or yellow perch. Just be sure to check the Iowa or Iowa Bay fishing regulations depending on the area and species you plan to catch. 

The quickest way to get your license and start fishing is to buy your Iowa fishing license online. Fishing licenses can also be purchased in person from a fishing license sales agent for the State of Iowa.

IA Fishing Regulations and Rules

Fishing regulations and rules help conserve our natural resources for future generations of anglers. There may be site specific and species specific regulations in effect, so it is important to read the regulations before each fishing trip you take.

How to Help With Conservation

Responsible anglers respect our natural resources so that they are available for years to come. When you follow simple fishing etiquette guidelines for minimizing your impact on the outdoors, you are doing your part to contribute towards conservation efforts. Learn how to identify and avoid sensitive wildlife areas while helping to educate other anglers about the benefits of protecting the environment.