• IA Fishing Education Programs

    • DNR Camps and Workshops

      The Iowa DNR offers several camps and workshops for all ages and experience levels to learn more about outdoor skills including fishing, boating, kayaking, shooting, orienteering, hunting and much more.

    • Fish Iowa! A Teaching Module

      A comprehensive module to teach basic spincasting, Fish Iowa! incorporates physical education, health, biology, geography, and family and consumer sciences into a program that focuses on fishing. It is designed for use in formal settings with middle school through senior high students, but easily adapts to nonformal programs such as camps, scout outings, etc. Fish Iowa! works with students with all levels of abilities.Materials are available to Iowa educators and youth leaders only through training sessions (one-on one) and workshops.

    • Fish Iowa! An Introduction to Fly-fishing

      Designed to introduce the angler to the basics of fly-fishing; basic equipment, assembly, and casting techniques are presented.

    • Fish Iowa! Games Casting Competition

      Fish Iowa! Games is a competition where students cast from three distances using the flipping, pitching, and overhand techniques. It was developed by the Iowa Sports Foundation, in conjunction with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, in 2006. Since then, over 49,000 K-12 students throughout the state have participated.

    • IA DNR Events Calendar

      This calendar contains upcoming public events and information about each event

    • Project WILD Aquatic

      Learning about wildlife in the environment is just part of the goals of this program. It allows student experiences to be the source of the teaching. The activity guide is full of activities that may be immediately added to any K-12 curriculum. More than 12,000 Iowa educators have participated in workshops and use the materials with more than 500,000 Iowa youth.