Once you have your Hawaii boating license, you can take your sportfishing boat out to troll offshore for tuna or get behind the helm of your motor yacht and explore Maui. The boating opportunities around the islands of Hawaii are virtually endless. Before going on your first trip, just be sure you have your boat registration paperwork and know the HI boating rules. 

When you register your boat, a unique registration number will be assigned to your vessel. Registration numbers are important since they are often used for purposes such as rescue, safety control, and theft prevention.

HI Boating Rules and Regulations

Nothing beats a day of boating as a way to relax, unwind, and bring family or friends together. However, every boat owner has to realize that they are not only responsible for their own safety, but for the safety of all passengers and other boaters using the waterways. State and federal boating laws are in place to help keep your days on the water safe and enjoyable.

The boating laws in Hawaii will be different from the boating laws in other states. To learn more about the specific HI boating rules or to update your knowledge, find a local boater’s safety course in your area or sign up for an online boat safety class.