Over one million resident anglers fish Georgia’s diverse waterways that consist of streams, lakes, reservoirs and coastline. Before you join the ranks of Georgia anglers, you will need to purchase your GA fishing license and read the state fishing regulations. You can purchase a Georgia fishing license online, from a license agent or by phone.

There are a number of Georgia fishing license options available such as resident, non-resident and lifetime licenses that are valid for different lengths of time. Be sure to read about each option before making a decision since long term licenses can save you time and money.

A fishing license can be researched and purchased using the following links:

Georgia Fishing Regulations

Do you know what fishing laws apply in the state of Georgia? Before you plan a fishing trip, check the current regulations using the link below.

Helping with Conservation

Since the funds from your GA fishing license purchase help to support state conservation activities, why not learn more about how you, as an individual angler, can contribute to preserving our local fisheries as well? Get specific tips on how you can do your part to respect our waters while minimizing your impact on the outdoors and water resources.