Before you go fishing in Florida, you will need a Florida fishing license. Fishing licenses come in all different types from short term or annual or saltwater fishing license to freshwater, but don’t worry, you don’t need to take a test to purchase a license.

Florida fishing licenses can be purchased from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission online or at select sporting good stores or other retailers that sell hunting and fishing equipment.

FL Fishing Laws and Regulations

Fishing laws help to manage fish species and our natural resources, so that we can ensure there are fish for the future. Each state sets their own fishing regulations and these rules can change over time. Always make sure to check the Florida fishing regulations before your fishing adventure.

Helping with Conservation

Did you know that freshwater and saltwater fishing license fees help pay for conservation? The monies from your Florida fishing license go towards fishery and hatchery management, habitat development and protection, fish stocking programs, fishing and conservation education and much more. Learn more about fishing conservation and how states take care of our natural resources.