Once you purchase your Washington DC fishing license and check the current fishing regulations, you can plan a fishing trip to a place like Hains Point, at the eastern edge of East Potomac Park. Fishing license fees help pay for fishery management, habitat protection, endangered species programs and conservation education.

A Washington DC fishing license can be purchased online from the District Department of the Environment or from an approved fishing license vendor.

DC Fishing Regulations and Rules

Prior to planning a fishing trip in Washington DC, you will need to check the fishing regulations or fishing laws that apply to the area. Fishing regulations may include designated seasons for certain species, minimum possession lengths and the type of gear that can be used.

Contributing Towards Fishing Conservation

In urban fishing areas, it becomes increasingly important that all anglers practice “Tread Lightly” principles by respecting our resources and minimizing the impact on the outdoors. Comply with signs, never litter, be aware of other anglers and find local conservation activities that you can get involved with.