Purchase your Connecticut fishing license, read the current set of fishing regulations, and get ready to start fishing. Since there are different freshwater and saltwater fishing license types to choose from, be sure to select the type that is right for you based on where you plan to fish. Then, remember to read the fishing regulations so that you know the length and bag limits.

One of the most convenient ways to get your Connecticut fishing license is to purchase one online using your credit card. You can also buy a fishing license in person from a designated license dealer such as a sporting goods store or local tackle shop.

CT Fishing Laws and Regulations

Fishing laws or regulations are put into effect by each individual state in order to protect and improve fish populations. Fishing regulations are subject to change by season, by month or based on assessments of fish populations. For this reason, it is important to check the regulations on a regular basis to make sure you are following the current set of laws.

How To Help With Conservation Efforts

Aside from standard catch and release best practices, deep water fish can require special treatment since they are subject to the effects of decompression. If you are fishing for cod or black sea bass of the coast of Connecticut, you can help with conservation by learning how to release these deep water species safely. Read the FishSmart guidelines to find out which tools you can use to increase deep water species survival rates.