• CO Fishing Education Programs

    • Advanced Nymphing Class

      This class will cover fly selection, how to "rig up" your rod, use of strike indicators and weight, sight fishing, strike detection, setting the hook, how to fish different types of water, and how to play, land and release trout.

    • Beginning Fly Tying

      This introductory course provides beginning fly tyers instruction on basic techniques used to tie the majority of fly patterns.

    • Beginning Stream Fly Fishing

      Beginning Stream Fly Fishing is a highly detailed beginning approach to fly fishing.

    • Cast and Catch Class

      This 1/2 day class will focus on casting on a lake full of trout, perch, and bass.

    • Casting Lessons

      These custom designed individually tailored lessons are a chance to learn the art of casting a fly rod.

    • Fly Fishing for Kids

      Kids ages 9 to 14 will learn the basics of fly fishing including casting, knot tying, rigging their rod, fly selection and fly tying from a Blue Quill Angler instructor.

    • Fly Fishing in Winter

      Our professional Orvis Endorsed guides will work with each one of the members of your group if you desire instruction, or you can just fish alone to your hearts content.

    • Fly Fishing Kids Camp

      RMA's Kids Fly Fishing Camp is a summer flyfishing adventure in Boulder, Colorado. Expert fly fishing guides provide a varity of fun activities both on and off the water that help children explore the world of fly fishing. Small groups are the key to this learning experience. With a 4 to 1 student ratio, RMA's Kids Fly Fishing Camp provides a fun and relaxed exploration into the art of fly fishing in a safe and educational manner. Throughout the course of the fly fishing camp, all of the basics of fly fishing and information necessary to fish independently.

    • Fly Fishing School for Women

      The purpose of the class is to help you develop all the skills and understanding necessary to catch trout on a fly rod.

    • Fly Fishing Schools

      Our schools are sixteen hours of both classroom and on the river instruction.

    • Flyfishing Classes

      Our Fall class series is a Beginning Fly Fishing class for adults.

    • Individual Casting Instruction

      In addition to diagnosing problems, casting instruction can enhance your fly presentation, increasing your ability to catch more fish in different situations and conditions.

    • Intro to Insects for the Fly Fisherman

      This is a beginning to intermediate level course designed to help make fly fishing and insect identification as easy as the ABC's.

    • Introduction to Fly Fishing

      The purpose of the class is to help you develop all the skills and understanding necessary to catch trout on a fly rod.

    • Introduction to Fly Fishing and Casting Class

      The purpose of this introductory course is to provide a beginner's most basic look at the world of fly fishing.

    • Introduction to Fly Tying

      The purpose of this class is to introduce the beginner to the correct use of fly tying tools, materials and tying techniques necessary to produce durable and effective nymphs, streamers, wet flies and dry flies used in Rocky Mountain Fly Fishing.

    • Private Beginning Fly Tying

      This class offers a private version of the introductory course.

    • Private Intermediate Fly Tying

      This class helps fly tyers who have mastered the basics progress to more realistic, creative and demanding fly patterns.

    • Private Lessons

      This class has the same curriculum as Beginning Stream Fly Fishing, but the dates and times are set by the student, with one-on-one attention.

    • Rod Building Lessons

      We help you pick out all the hardware and build it on our specialized equipment.

    • Tying Lessons

      We offer both beginner and advanced tying classes where we tie a variety of nymph and dry fly patterns.

    • Women's Fly Fishing Clinic

      This class is for women by women. The 5 hours of instructions cover all the basics to enjoy your time on the water, including casting, knot tying and fly selection.