Once you purchase your Colorado fishing license, you can decide which of the over 30 species of warm-water and cold-water fish you want to catch. Just make sure you know the state fishing laws before you go. Find links to buy your license and check the Colorado fish and game regulations for each species in this section.

You can purchase your fishing license online from the Colorado Game and Fish Department or buy your fishing license in person from an authorized fishing license retailer like an outdoor sporting goods store or tackle shop.

CO Fishing Regulations and Rules

After you have purchased your fishing license, you will need to check the fishing laws and regulations that apply in your area. Anglers are required to follow both statewide and waterway specific rules so that fish populations are protected now and into the future. Always check for fishing regulation updates prior to each fishing trip.

How to Help With Conservation Efforts

Ethical angling practices not only help with conservation efforts, but also help in building a positive angling community. Do your part by taking the time to learn as much as you can about fish species, habitats, fishing regulations, and proper fish handling. If you are already applying these ethical fishing best practices, then think about how you can mentor or pass along this information to new anglers.