Once you have purchased a boat, you will need to apply for your Colorado boat registration and learn CO boating regulations. Colorado has freshwater lakes and reservoirs that are suitable for boaters of every experience level; however, it is important to have a copy of your registration documents on hand and know the boating rules of the road before you go. 

After studying the CO boating regulations and paying your Colorado boat registration fees, you can spend relaxing days afloat on the waters of Colorado. Registration fees vary depending on the length of your boat, so be sure to submit the correct amount given the size of the vessel.

Colorado Boating Laws and Regulations

CO boating regulations and laws cover topics such as required safety equipment, personal floatation devices, aids to navigation, lights, and boat capacity. Know the federal boating laws in addition to state-specific laws and regulations. Boating laws and regulations are put into place to protect everyone who uses state waterways.

The boating laws in Colorado are subject to change, so check the statutes and regulations regularly for updates. Once you have your Colorado boat registration, take a boat safety course to help you learn the laws or to refresh your existing boat safety knowledge.