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<p>Outdoor recreation can play a vital role in protecting our natural resources. When you register your boat, you do your part in sustaining resources that promote safe and responsible use of our nation's waters. Your registration dollars also help pay for marinas, boat ramps, lake clean up and much more.</p><ul> <li> <a class="tracking-boatreg-colorado-info aloha-link-text" target="_blank" href="" data-ektron-url="" title="Colorado Boating Registration Information">Colorado Boating Registration Information</a>&nbsp;</li></ul><h2>Colorado Registration Requirements</h2><p><strong>Colorado State Parks:</strong> Colorado State Parks is responsible for regulating the state boating laws in Colorado.</p><h2>Registration/Titling</h2><p>All motorboats (vessels propelled by machinery, including gasoline, diesel and electric motors), sailboats and personal watercraft principally operated on Colorado waters must be registered and issued a Colorado Certificate of Number (Registration) by Colorado State Parks.</p><h2>Certificate of Ownership</h2><p>Boat owners must keep their Certificate of Ownership in a safe place. <br>Note - On the reverse of the Certificate of Ownership there is an application for the transfer of ownership.</p><h2>Certificate of Number (Boat Registration)</h2><p>Boat owners must have a Certificate of Number before they can operate in state waters or to possess a vessel at a vessel staging area. Upon receipt of the Certificate of Number please note the following:</p><ul> <li>The owner must have the Certificate of Number on board when operating the vessel or when in possession of the vessel at a staging area.</li> <li>The Certificate of Number is valid for 1 year and expires on December 31st. The same Number will be reissued when the renewal is received and will accompany that vessel in the event of a sale.</li> <li>Colorado State Parks must be notified within 15 days if the numbered vessel is lost, stolen or abandoned, or if the owner changes his address from that shown on the registration.</li></ul><p>The Certificate of Number may be obtained by submitting the proper application and fee by mail through the Registration Unit in13787 S. Highway 85 in Littleton, CO 80125 and in person at Colorado State Parks region offices and state park offices. An application form may be obtained by via mail by calling 303-791-1920 ext. 2, or online at&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank" class="aloha-link-text"></a>.&nbsp; <br><strong>Temporary Boat Permit:</strong>&nbsp;Possession of a dated bill of sale permits the operator of a newly purchased boat to the boat on the waters of the State of Colorado for 30 days from the date of purchase.</p><h2>Registration Fees</h2><p> <a target="_blank" href="" class="aloha-link-text">Fees for registration</a>&nbsp;are determined by the vessel's length.</p><p>Successful registration results in a Certificate of Number,stating the number issued to the vessel. Remember: your boat Numbers are meant for Law Enforcement purposes, not as decorations.You boat Numbers must:</p><ul> <li>Be painted on or attached to each side of the bow on the forward half of the vessel;</li> <li>Be clearly visible and legible: read from left to right, in block letters (no script lettering), three inches high and contrasting with the color of the vessel, no other numbers shall be carried on the bow of the vessel;</li> <li>Letters and numbers must be separated by a space or a hyphen.</li></ul><p>For example:&nbsp;<strong>CL 1234BX</strong>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<strong>CL-1234-BX.</strong>This is a federal and state requirement.&nbsp; <br><strong>Expiration date decal</strong>: In addition to the identification number, an expiration date decal must be attached to each side of the bow or the forward half of the vessel, two inches to the left of the letter 'C' of the identification number.</p><p>Lack of the correct documentation may result in delays and fines,or both.&nbsp; <br>Make sure all boats are properly marked and documented. It's important to keep your papers with the boat - be particularly aware when transferring ownership of your vessel.</p><p style="text-align: right;">*Content provided by&nbsp; <a href="" target="_blank"></a>&nbsp;</p><p>&nbsp;</p><br>