• CA Fishing Education Programs

    • Advanced Fly Casting

      This course meets for one session lasting 3 hours.

    • Advanced Fly Tying

      The advanced classes cover alternative materials and the tying of numerous high skill flies. Principal instructors are Brett Browning, Clark Stevens and Carl Wuebben. This course spans 2 sessions.

    • Annual Free Beginning Fly Tying Classes

      Students will have to provide their own tools and materials, but what to buy is covered in class and available for sale throughout the duration of the class. At the conclusion of the Beginning class, an Intermediate/Advanced class is held to teach advanced tying techniques.

    • Basic and Advanced Fly Tying

      In the Basic class, we will teach beginners to tie all of the basics. Our Advanced class deals with more complex patterns and techniques.

    • Basic Entomology

    • Beginning Fly Casting

      The instructor will teach the importance of developing the basic casting stroke.

    • Beginning Fly Fishing

      We will cover everything one might encounter when buying a first rod and reel outfit to tying knots and fly fishing presentations.

    • Beginning Fly Tying

      This is a good opportunity to learn to tie flies. The first session will explain what equipment you need and make suggestions on what to buy. Several basic patterns that use common techniques applicable to many other flies will be taught.

    • Beginning Fly Tying

      The class will cover the fundamentals of fly tying including: Tools, materials, basic patterns, and various tying techniques.

    • Beginning Fly Tying

      All supplies are included.

    • Beginning Fly-tying

      These classes are offered quarterly.

    • Casting Class

      This class is instructed by Dan Busby. The Fresno Fly Fishers for Conservation club supports catch and release of wild trout, minimum impact camping and hiking, and generally leaving the areas we visit better than they were before we got there.

    • Casting Clinic

      Club conducts it annual casting clinic in the spring. This event is open to the public and is offered at no charge to participants.

    • Casting Lessons

    • Entomology for Flyfishers

      Damselflies, midges, caddisflies, stoneflies and mayflies will be covered in depth.

    • Fish Camp

      Fish Camp is a 4 night, 5-day summer flyfishing camp for kids in Northern California.

    • Fishing Class

      Every Saturday at 10:00 AM there is a free fishing class held at the launch ramp of Lake Cuyamaca. The class covers all the basics you need to catch fish that day.

    • Fly Casting Clinic

      The club holds an annual spring fly casting tune-up clinic and barbecue in April.

    • Fly Casting Clinic

      Santa Barbara Flyfishers offers fly casting clinics to its' beginner, novice and expert fly casters.

    • Fly Casting Clinics

      These are held in the spring with FFF certified master Jeff Putnam.

    • Fly Casting Lessons

      The free lessons are offered at Lake Murray.

    • Fly Fishing for Women

    • Fly Tying Class

      The Santa Barbara Flyfishers schedule fly tying classes covering beginning, intermediate and advanced tying.

    • Fly Tying Classes

      These are held in spring by master tyer Bob Zasoski.

    • Fly Tying Classes

      The instruction is free for club members although there is sometimes a nominal charge for fly tying materials.

    • Fly Tying

      During the year we offer a number of fly tying classes and clinics at no charge.

    • Fly Tying

      This class is directed by Jerry Hopewell and takes place in Reedly, CA.

    • Fly Tying

      At the Mission Peak Fly Anglers we hold monthly workshops where our members and occasionally guest tiers demonsrate and lead the group in tying new patterns.

    • Flycasting

      Ongoing lessons are available to members.

    • Flycasting

      Private lessons are offered.

    • Flyfishing Academy

      Attendees will be introduced to the sport of flyfishing and learn about terminology, tackle, entomology, fly tying, reading water, casting and presentation techniques.

    • Intermediate Fly Tying

      All supplies are included.

    • Intermediate Fly-tying

      These classes are offered in the spring.

    • Intro to Entymology

      In the Entomology class we focus on the life cycles of the four major aquatic insects that are associated with trout (mayfly, stonefly, caddis and midges) and get practical experience in identifying the different species by examining specimens caught in local streams and lakes. Dave Parker is the principal entomology instructor. This class meets once for 3.5 hours.

    • Intro to Fly Casting

      The introduction classes include grip, stances, basics of the casting stroke and lots of practice. Hopefully you will come out of these classes with the knowledge and practical experience to do the 4-part cast, the roll cast, false casting and shooting line. Instructors include Ray Moon, Rod Castanien, Rick Prolux, Mike Wright, Doug Spieske, Roger Wood and Don Johnson.

    • Intro to Fly Fishing

      In the intro class to fly fishing, we cover the fundamentals of fly fishing tackle, knots, fly selection, casting and fly fishing strategies for trout and other game fish. This is an excellent class for the beginning fly fisherman and provides a good foundation for continued study and fishing. This course meets on day for 6 hours.

    • Intro to Fly Tying

      All material is provided for the Introduction classes to include vises, lights, thread, etc. In these classes you learn the basics of fly tying, to include proportion, thread control, hook sizes, tying material and tying different types of flies. Techniques for tying wings, posts, palmering, tails, bodies and dubbing will also be covered. Principal instructors are Brett Browning, Clark Stevens and Carl Wuebben. This course spans 3 sessions.

    • Introduction to Fly Fishing

      We teach the basics of the fly cast, as well as the proper techniques needed to catch a trophy trout on a fly.

    • Introduction to Flyfishing

      During this two day class you will be taught the fundamentals of casting, knot tying, fly and equipment selection, reading the water, safety, and of course catching fish.

    • On The Water Classes - Yuba River

      This is a great class for anglers who want to develop trout fishing methods or just learn about one of the finest local trout fisheries.

    • One Day Specialty Clinic

      One Day Clinics are intended for those with previous fly fishing experience.

    • Private Clinics

      These clinics are tailored to the student's specific desires, skill levels and schedule.

    • Private Lessons

      With one-on-one instruction, the time it takes to learn will be cut dramatically.

    • Rod Building

      Build a fly rod or conventional rod under the expert instruction of LBCC rod builders.

    • Rod Building

      The course includes rod kit selection, and all tools and supplies necessary to complete your very own custom rod. Instruction is provided by our own master rod builder, Rick Proulx, and includes teaching of all the skills needed to construct your rod to include rod blank selection, determination of the blanks spine, guide placement, handle prep, and the difficult skill of guide wrapping. This course spans 6 sessions.

    • Rod Building

      Group and individual lessons are available.

    • Salmon and Trout Education Program (S.T.E.P.)

      S.T.E.P. is an environmental education program for First grade through high school. It teaches students about the life cycles of salmon and steelhead trout, the preservation of their habitat, and the sensitive inter-relationships affecting local watersheds.

    • The Complete Flyfisher

      Two extremely full days of intense learning.

    • Two Day Basic Skills Clinic

      This clinic is intended to lay a sound foundation for those new to the sport.

    • Upper Sacramento River Fly Fishing School

      If you are new to fly fishing or have "just gotten your feet wet", this fly fishing lesson will cover everything from equpiment to presentations.