Improving fish passage and wildlife management deliver immediate and direct benefits to otherwise struggling resources.California's commitment to eliminating instream barriers for fish and well-managed wildlife areas is yielding positive results for fish and wildlife.

Success Stories

San Joaquin Valley Wildlife Area Habitat Development andMaintenance
The objective of this project is to develop, manage and maintain over 35,000 acres of diverse habitats for over 550 wildlife and plant species that inhabit or migrate through area. The end resultis tremendously successful public-use programs for hunting,wildlife viewing, and nature education.

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Whites Gulch Dam Removal
Access to upstream spawning habitat was blocked by a diversion dam.In October of 2008, Whites Gulch Dam was removed, opening stream access to migrating spring Chinook and Coho salmon.

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Gobernador Creek Debris Dam
A barrier that protected downstream communities from floods also proved to be an obstacle to Gobernador Creek's fragile population of steelhead trout. Modifying the debris dam and stream channel restored steelhead access to habitat upstream while still allowing the debris basin to serve its purpose.