• AZ Boating Education Programs

    • 420 Learn to Race

      For sailors who have successfully completed one year of 420 Learn to Sail or Opti Race.

    • 420 Team Racing

      The 420 Team will train to race regionally and nationally. Practice will focus on boat-speed development, tactics, strategy, and fun.

    • Boat Ed

      Boat-ed.com is North America’s leading provider of boating safety education. By completing this NASBLA and State-approved boating course, students can receive their official boating certificate or license. Boat Ed produces print and Internet courses that have provided official safety certification since 1995.

    • Boating Education

      The 8-hour certified class includes instruction in boat registration requirements, Arizona and Federal boating laws, equipment requirements, navigation rules, boat trailering, aids to navigation (buoys), alcohol and boating accidents, and more.

    • Laser Radial Team

      The goal of the Laser team is to train members for success in racing at the local, regional and high school level.

    • Opti 1

      This class is an intro to sailing for kids ages 8-12 and is also for kids who have had some exposure to sailing to practice their skills before moving to Opti 2.

    • Opti 2

      Kids can enter this class with the permission of the instructor only.

    • Opti Team

      The goal of the Opti Team is to train members for success in regional and national competition and to qualify members for the US National Team.