Buy your Arizona fishing license online today to feel the strike of a smallmouth bass as it hits your crankbait or to see the surface of the water break as you reel in a rainbow trout. Once you have purchased your fishing license, you will need to read the AZ fishing regulations so that you know what bag and possession limits apply.

The easiest way to purchase an Arizona fishing license is to buy one online from the Arizona Game and Fish Department. Although, you can also buy a fishing license in person from a designated fishing license dealer like an outdoor sporting goods store or tackle shop.

AZ Fishing Regulations and Rules

Fishing regulations are put into place to help conserve and protect state fisheries. Anytime you plan a fishing trip, be sure to check the current set of fishing regulations since the rules can change based on fish populations and seasons.

Ways You Can Help With Conservation

Since there will be times when you catch fish that are not within state regulations or when you are purely fishing for sport, it is important to educate yourself on catch and release best practices. By understanding these tools and tips, you can help increase the chances that a released fish will survive so that it can breed or be caught another day by another angler.