• AR Fishing Education Programs

    • Advanced Level Casting

      Topics include full line extension casts, presentation casts, long range, line control, and many others.

    • Basic Entry Level Fly Fishing

      Learn all basic skills and knowledge needed to begin fly fishing.

    • Basic Level Casting Instruction

      The basic level class covers instruction for all basic skills and knowledge needed to start fly fishing.

    • Beginners Course

      This class begins with a 3 hour classroom session followed by a full day on the river for hands-on training.

    • Dry Fly & Emerger Fly Fishing

      A specialty class covering how to fish emergers and dry flies. You will learn how to fish large and small patterns.

    • Fishing Seminar/Clinic Program

      To help supply these tools to anglers, seminars and clinics are periodically held at various locations across the state. These educational events can be tailored to a variety of skill levels, from beginner to seasoned professional.

    • Fishing Soft Hackles & Wet Flies

      A specialty school covering all aspects of learning about the art of wet fly and soft hackle fly fishing.

    • Fly Fishing Presentation Skills

      The class teaches how to approach a given fishing situation and the best options for catching fish in that situation. This is an on-water class during which you will be fishing.

    • Intermediate/Advanced Classes

      The curriculum includes advanced casting techniques, nymphing, fishing the dry fly, emerger fishing, and sinking line techniques.

    • Intermediate Level Casting

      For those who have established some fly fishing skill and want to learn new skills and improve on technique.

    • Intermediate Level Fly Fishing

      For those who have established some fly fishing skill and now want to move on to new skills and techniques.

    • Nymph Fishing Strategy

      Nymph fishing skills are a must. The majority of trout you catch will be with a subsurface presentation. A must for every fly fisher!

    • Salmon-Spey-Doubled Handed Rod

      Topics include overhand cast, roll cast, and single and double spey.