Once you purchase a boat, have your Arkansas boat registration, and know all of the Arkansas boating regulations, you can enjoy relaxing days afloat on one of the state’s over 2,000 freshwater lakes. Whether you want to fish for striped bass or just take a leisurely cruise with the family, it’s easier than you might think to register your boat and get started.

Boaters are responsible for paying boat registration fees, filing registration paperwork with the state, and obtaining valid registration decals before operating a motor vessel on public waterways. The amount of the registration fees will depend on the length of the boat being registered.

Arkansas Boating Regulations and Laws

Keep all of your boating memories safe and happy ones by learning all of the state boating laws before you plan your first trip. Boating laws and regulations cover important safety topics such as required emergency equipment, navigational markers.

Local boater education courses are recommended not only for new boaters, but also for experienced boaters who can benefit from a refresher lesson on the boating rules of the road. Since all boating laws vary by state and may be subject to change, check the Arkansas boat laws frequently for updates.