After you purchase an Alabama fishing license, you will have many places to put your license to use considering the number of freshwater reservoirs, public fishing lakes, rivers, streams and Mobile Delta waters as well as over the 60 miles of saltwater shoreline that borders the Gulf of Mexico. You can buy a license online and read the AL fishing laws in this section.

An Alabama freshwater or saltwater fishing license can be purchased either online from the Alabama Department of Conservation & Natural Resources or from an approved license agent such as a tackle shop.

AL Fishing Rules and Regulations

Before go on your first fishing trip in Alabama, you will need to know the fishing rules and regulations. Since Alabama offers both freshwater and saltwater fishing opportunities, be sure to check the appropriate set of regulations for the area where you will be fishing.

Help with Fishing Conservation

Whether you are fishing for largemouth bass on Alabama’s Double Oak Lake or heading offshore for snapper in the Gulf of Mexico, you can contribute to conserving state fish populations by applying catch and release best practices.