• Alaska Boating Businesses

    • Alaska Outdoor Adventures

      Alaska Outdoor Adventures.

    • Alaska Raft and Kayak

      Alaska Raft and Kayaks experts offer Alaska's largest Raft, Canoe and Kayak Rentals with over 50 Boats.They are also Alaska's Largest Raft retail store offering Aire, NRS and Outcast.

    • Float Plan Registry

      Float Plan Registry is an active float plan management and automatic overdue notification system for boaters.

    • Navigation Rules Mini-Course, the leading provider of online boater education courses designed to prepare students to obtain their boating license or boater education certificate - has developed the following free mini-course with series of narrated animations to illustrate inland navigation rules. You will benefit from the latest information on the following topics: Navigation Rules, Aids to Navigation, Sound Signalling Equipment, Actions for Operation in Darkness, and Visual Distress Signals.

    • Test The Waters Adventure Company

      We supply Interior Alaska with raft, cataraft, canoe, and kayak rentals. We are the largest rental company in Interior Alaska and have the largest retail selection, carrying Maravia, Soar, Mad River, Necky, Prijon, and Seward.