• AK Boating Education Programs

    • 18-Hour Survival Equipment, Procedures and Onboard Drills

      The courses provide practical information on the survival equipment found on most commercial vessels and on conducting emergency onboard drills. Skills are learned in a hands-on format.

    • 420 Learn to Race

      For sailors who have successfully completed one year of 420 Learn to Sail or Opti Race.

    • Advanced Beginner

      For persons who are not beginners, have not taken a class and have only paddled a few times.

    • Alaska Water Wise

      The course satisfies most states' boating safety education requirements and may qualify boaters for boat insurance discounts.

    • Animated Online Boater Certification Course - BoaterExam.com

      Get your official Boater Education Card with this animated and narrated state approved online boating course and exam. Complete the course at your own pace. Pay only when you pass! Customer Service is standing by 7 days a week to answer any questions.

    • Balance, Bracing and Eskimo rolling

      You have developed and refined your kayaking skills, but your confidence in your balance, bracing and Eskimo rolling still needs work.

    • Becoming an Outdoors-Woman (BOW)


      BOW is a three day workshop designed for women ages 18 years or older.

      The workshop offers hands-on instruction in a fun and non-threatening learning environment. Participants choose from over 50 courses such as backyard wildlife, rock climbing, camp cooking, map and compass, camping, mountain biking, shooting sports (pistol, rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, as well as gun safety), fishing, hunting, canoeing, nature photography, nature crafts, archery, ATV handling, bird watching, motor boat handling, and more.

    • Beginner

      For persons with little or no sea kayaking experience.

    • Customized Cold Water Safety & Survival Training

      AMSEA offers custom-designed, hands-on cold-water and vessel safety courses to meet the specific needs of the participants, whether recreational boaters, commercial fishers, private business or government agency personnel, children or others who work or boat in marine or freshwater environments.

    • Eskimo Rolling

      Learn the fundamental skills needed to recover gracefully from a capsize without exiting your kayak, the ultimate self-rescue; the Eskimo roll.

    • Fundamental Kayaking Skills

      Learn the basics in 3.5 hr. kayaking skills training sessions using river kayaks in the comfort of a heated pool.

    • Introduction to Sea Kayak Navigation

      Learn to read charts and know what they mean to a sea kayaker.

    • Kayak Camping and Trip Planning

      Develop strategies for planning and executing a smooth and manageable multi-day sea kayak camping trip.

    • Kayak Racing

      “Run the gates” just like Olympic champions in high-level slalom kayaking competition. Pre-requisites: follow verbal instructions and can swim.

    • Kayaking Skills Refinement

      Develop refined strokes and maneuvers, balance, bracing and rolling skills, plus crisp efficient rescues, and a detailed awareness of the sport of kayaking.

    • Kids Don't Float Educational Resources

      The Kids Don’t Float School Program is a model curriculum for anyone wishing to teach boating and water safety concepts to K-12 students.

    • Kids Don't Float Peer Education Program

      The program will train high school students to teach the Kid's Don't Float curriculum to elementary school children.

    • Kids Kayaking

      Two hour introduction to kayaking for youngsters ages 11 – 17.

    • Marine Safety Instructor Training

      AMSEA's Marine Safety Instructor Training (MSIT) course is a premier train-the-trainer course. It is an intensive 48-hour, six-day program designed to train individuals to effectively teach cold water survival procedures, marine safety equipment and onboard safety drills.

    • Outdoor Survival Youth Educators Workshops

      These workshops are designed for schoolteachers and others who work with children.

    • Paddling Class

      Private paddling lessons by appointment only.

    • Sea Kayak Safety and Rescue

      Learn fast and efficient rescues for sea kayaking and water safety.

    • Youth and Family

      For persons with little or no sea kayaking experience.