After you purchase your Alaska fishing license, you can fish during a king salmon run on the Kenai River or reel in a huge halibut off the shores near Homer. Find links to Alaska fishing regulations in this section and learn how you can help with local fishing conservation efforts.

The easiest way to buy your Alaska fishing license is to purchase the license online. You can also buy a license from a local fishing license vendor such as a sporting goods store, grocery store or tackle shop.

AK Fishing Rules and Regulations

Once you have your Alaska fishing license, you will need to read the state fishing rules and regulations. Fishing rules and regulations help ensure that we have healthy fish populations for future generations.

How to Help with Conservation

You can help protect our nation’s fisheries by practicing proper fishing etiquette and best practices. Learn how to handle spawning fish, keep only the fish within state regulations that you plan to eat, and don’t fish on private property unless you have permission.