Alaska boat registration dollars go towards the maintenance of boat ramps, marinas, and other outdoor resources. With over 3 million lakes and 3,000 rivers in Alaska, there are a virtually endless number of waterways to explore once you have your boat registered. Learn about registration requirements, boat registration renewal, and Alaska boating license laws in this section.

When you apply for your Certificate of Number (or boat registration), you will need to provide an ownership document such as a bill of sale or title and pay an Alaska boat registration fee. Boat registration numbers must be displayed in the proper location on your vessel as required by state and federal law.

Alaska Boating Regulations and Laws

Before operating a vessel for the first time, it is always a good idea to take a boating education course so that you understand all of the state boating laws. Classes and educational resources can help you learn the rules of the road, get acquainted with safety equipment (such as PFDs for kids and adults), and provide guidance with filing float plans.

Boating laws are in place to help ensure that all who use the waterways have safe and memorable experience. Since regulations can change and are different for each state, it is important check the Alaska boat laws frequently for updates.