• Waterways & Habitat Preservation

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    Fish depend on clean water. There are examples throughout the country of fisheries that have been lost because of changes in water quality, and several more that have been restored as a result of focused effort, strong laws, and community concern. From stream, beach, and lake clean-up campaigns, to the long list of angler-supported organizations engaged in waterway and habitat preservation, America's anglers have been indispensable in recovering and preserving watersheds, bays, oceans, and other water resources. 

    Tremendous demands have been put on our nation's water resources. In some areas of the country, there is not enough water to go around as communities balance the stark reality of water use versus conservation. Population, pollution, development, and natural disasters all play a role in the quality of America's water resources. As such, the impact and inter-relationship between communities and water quality is undeniable.

    Nationwide, efforts are underway to improve fish habitat using a variety of approaches. From managing storm water run-off and riparian restoration to stopping the spread of aquatic invasive species and pollution, strong state and federal laws and community involvement have proved effective in improving water quality. 

    A work-in-process that has no end, without the interest and involvement of anglers and the public, the challenges associated with water would be much greater. Still, these challenges persist and demand attention. 

    There are thousands of worthy local and national organizations dedicated to the preservation of America's water resources. Check with your State Fish and Wildlife Agency for suitable local options. Here are a few national organizations you may want to consider supporting.