• Volunteer Opportunities

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    Want To Make A Difference?

    Every day, anglers and boaters are out in front working to make our nation’s water and land resources cleaner and more robust. It’s up to us, the angling and boating public, to be part of the solution in making our waterways and the habitat that fish depend on better.

    Every state in the nation has local fishing clubs and organizations focused on sharing their love of fishing and taking part in volunteer conservation efforts. Ask your local tackle shop, check online, or contact your state Department of Natural Resources/Fish & Game Department to find the club or organization that best fits you.

    Here are a few national conservation and government organizations with habitat projects that need volunteers.

    • American Rivers - National River Cleanup™ Events
      American Rivers is the leading conservation organization standing up for healthy rivers so communities can thrive. American Rivers protects and restores the nation's rivers and the clean water that sustains people, wildlife, and nature. Founded in 1973, American Rivers has more than 65,000 members and supporters. Visit their website to see an interactive map showing hundreds of river cleanup events nationwide.
    • Environmental Protection Agency Adopt A Watershed Program
      EPA's Adopt Your Watershed program challenges you to serve your community by taking part in activities to protect and restore your local watershed.
    • National Parks Service (volunteer by state)
      With nearly 400 national parks, the National Parks Service provides volunteer opportunities in most states. Check out their online project locator for details.
    • National Wildlife Federation The National Wildlife Federation is the largest conservation organization in the nation with more than four million members, partners and supporters.
    • Sierra Club “Volunteer Vacations” The Sierra Club, one of the nation’s leading conservation organizations, has put a new spin on volunteerism with their “Volunteer Vacations.” These projects have received national attention as participants spend their “free time” on designated projects around the country.
    • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service With hundreds of projects looking for volunteers, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has a useful online project page with state-by-state listings for your review.