December 2013 State Marketing  Workshop Resources

State agency representatives, RBFF and its sponsors and partners convened in Phoenix, Arizona December 10-12, 2013 for the seventh annual State Marketing Workshop. In all, 115 people and 45 state agencies were in attendance to make this the largest Workshop to date. Discussion topics included customer engagement and retention, online license sales, first-time angler research and Hispanic outreach efforts. The overall goal - increasing fishing license sales and boat registrations. Attendees learned about the importance of exemplary customer service, email marketing and engaging the Hispanic audience. They were also able to discuss newly-implemented state programs and innovative ideas with their state agency peers.

December 10-12


Agenda (PDF, 106 KB)

Program Book (PDF, 3,542KB)


December 10


Discover Boating Presentation (PDF, 210 KB) Discover Boating Results Reel 
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RBFF Program Overview (PDF, 2,467 KB)
RBFF Highlights Video 2013
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Kelly Kaylor, Discover Boating
Discover Boating Sponsor Presentation

Frank Peterson, President & CEO, RBFF

RBFF Program Overview

December 11


First Time Angler Analysis (PDF, 6,441 KB) 
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The Connected Angler (PDF, 3,841 KB)
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Stephanie Hussey, Director of State Initiatives, RBFF
Rob Southwick, Southwick Associates
First-Time and Repeat Angler Analysis: Key Findings & Steps

Rachel Piacenza, Senior Manager, State Initiatives, RBFF

The Connected Angler: Improving the Customer Experience

Arizona Improved License Restructuring (PDF, 4,225 KB)
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Arizona Case Study

Florida New Online Licensing System (PDF, 6,335 KB)
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Florida Case Study

Roundtable Overview (PDF, 213 KB)

Chris Cantrell, AZ Game & Fish Department

Improved License Restructuring 

Bill Hunter, FL Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission

New Online Licensing System & Spanish-Language Translation

Rachel Piacenza, Senior Manager, State Initiatives, RBFF

Roundtable Overview 

December 12


Email Marketing (PDF, 1,772 KB)
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RBFF Resources
 (PDF, 1,635 KB)
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Engaging the Hispanic Audience (WMV, 156 MB)

Bill Haskitt, Whereoware
Elizabeth Bender, Communications Manager, RBFF
Email Marketing: Capture, Convince and Close 

Rachel Piacenza, Senior Manager, State Initiatives, RBFF

RBFF Resources: Webinars & Shareable Content

Ed Cantu & Gerry Loredo, Lopez Negrete Communications
Melissa Raynor, Marketing Manager, RBFF

Engaging the Hispanic Audience: Insights to Actions

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