December 2010 State Marketing Workshop Resources


More than 90 representatives from 40 state agencies, AFWA, RBFF, Southwick Associates and USFWS gathered in Phoenix, AZ from December 7-9, 2010 to learn about the importance of marketing and communicating with anglers and implementing integrated marketing efforts to increase fishing license sales. Participants heard results and lessons learned from the past three years of the Direct Mail Marketing Program and learned about new marketing strategies for 2011. State agencies presented examples of innovative marketing strategies. Participants took part in peer-to-peer discussions and shared ideas that helped inform the future direction of the program.


December 8


Agenda (PDF, 53 KB)

Program Overview (PDF, 1.2 MB)

Frank Peterson, RBFF President & CEO
Program Overview & Accomplishments. Topics include participation trends, efforts to increase participation, products/programs and state agency/RBFF partnership.

Adding Value (PDF, 248 KB)

Steve Perry, New Hampshire Chief of Inland Fisheries
Adding Value. Topics include the value of partnerships and communications.

Direct Mail Marketing Effects (PDF, 668 KB)

Tom Lang, Kansas Fisheries Program Specialist
Direct Mail Marketing Effects on Angling Participation – Lessons Learned from Three Campaigns. Kansas has conducted the direct mail program for the past three years. Topics include an overview, different testing methods, angler types and future direction.

Marketing to Anglers (PDF, 4.3 MB)

Joel Warady, Joel Warady Group
Importance of Marketing and Communicating with Anglers. Topics include the power of emotion, word of mouth advertising, customer behavior and customer engagement.

Program Direction (PDF, 336 KB)

Stephanie Hussey, RBFF Director of State Initiatives
Program Direction. Topics include fishing license marketing program, overall program strategy and retention components (engagement, renewal and reinstatement).

Fisheries Program Competitive (PDF, 5 MB)

Karl Scheidegger, Wisconsin Fisheries Biologist
Keeping Your Fisheries Program Competitive in the 'Angler Game.' Topics include angler participation, recruitment and retention efforts, use of RBFF products/programs, and the three components of a fishery - fish, habitat, and people.

Marketing Tools & Techniques (PDF, 9 MB)

Joel Warady, Joel Warady Group
Marketing Tools & Techniques Session. Topics include the importance of 'being social,' different social media tools, leveraging these tools and various case studies.

December 9


Agenda (PDF, 52 KB)

Anglers' Legacy & TMF (PDF, 741 KB)

Stephanie Hussey, RBFF Director of State Initiatives
Anglers' Legacy and Take Me Fishing Materials. Topics include Anglers' Legacy program, pledge drive materials, Take Me Fishing Marketing Guide, Photo Library and state examples. and Access Project(PDF, 1.2 MB)

Maria Knight, RBFF Director of Online Strategies and Access Data Project. Topics include, state-specific information, fishing and boating access data project and benefits to state partners.

Email Marketing (PDF, 274 KB)

Alabama Email Marketing (PDF, 1 MB)

Rob Southwick, Southwick Associates President
Doug Darr, Alabama Aquatic Education Coordinator (presented by Stephanie Hussey, RBFF)
Email Marketing. Topics include advantages of email marketing and cost effectiveness, Alabama's program results and Alabama's program approach and email verbiage.

Lifetime Value & Tapestry (PDF, 1.5 MB)

John Taylor, Texas Data Analyst
Lifetime Value of an Angler & Use of Tapestry Code Information. Topics include customer lifetime value, methodology, economic value, use of Tapestry data, customer segmentation and informing marketing efforts.

State Presentations & Next Steps (PDF, 190 KB)

Stephanie Hussey, RBFF Director of State Initiatives
State Presentations & Discussion and Wrap-up & Next Steps. Topics include various concepts initiated by states (ex. Florida, Michigan & Texas), future program direction and RBFF commitment and approach.

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