November 2009 State Marketing Workshop Resources


More than 60 representatives from state agencies, AFWA, RBFF and Southwick Associates gathered in Dallas, TX from November 4-6, 2009 to share insights and lessons learned from the second year of RBFF’s Direct Mail Marketing Program and exchange ideas on ways to improve year three of the program. The workshop highlighted the progress made over the first two years, offered suggestions to continue to build on the program, and presented ways to get involved with other RBFF state initiatives.


November 4

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Agenda (PDF, 127 KB)

Orientation (PDF, 1 MB)

New attendees to the State Marketing Workshop gathered on November 4, 2009 for a new program orientation. The session covered an introduction to direct mail and to the lapsed angler program. Additional topics discussed included the development of the program, timing, evaluation and integration of PR support.


November 5


Agenda (PDF, 32 KB)

General Overview (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Lapsed Angler Program Overview (PDF, 179 KB)
Program Evaluation (PDF, 259 KB)
Movers Program (PDF, 289 KB)
Predictive Model Pilot Program (PDF, 326 KB)

Frank Peterson, RBFF
Welcome and introduction to RBFF’s integrated marketing efforts. Topics include new boating and fishing research and the use of incentives.
Session 1 (MOV, 14 MB, 39:49)

Stephanie Hussey, RBFF 
Rob Southwick, Southwick Associates 

Introduction to the Direct Mail Marketing Program and program history. Discussion includes an overview of the 2009 lapsed angler program, including control groups, halo analysis and evaluation procedures. 
Session 2 (MOV, 2 MB, 4:05)

Eric Olds, Southwick Associates 
Rob Southwick, Southwick Associates

Program evaluation, results and considerations for 2010. Topics include response rates, lift and recommendations.
Session 3 (MOV, 29 MB, 50:32)

Stephanie Hussey, RBFF 
Celia Bassols, RBFF 
Tom Allen, Southwick Associates 

Discussion about the Movers Program, including background information, mailing list development, results and considerations for the future.
Session 4 (MOV, 17 MB, 22:42)

Stephanie Hussey, RBFF
Tom Allen, Southwick Associates 

Discussion about the Predictive Model Pilot Program, including a program overview, results and considerations for moving forward.
Session 5 (MOV, 12 MB, 21:15)


November 6


Agenda (PDF, 84 KB)

Program Next Steps (PPT, 316 KB)
Direct Mail Information (PPT, 4 MB)
Other RBFF Programs (PPT, 7 MB)
Oregon Boat Registration Pilot Program(PPT, 4 MB)
Boating and Fishing Access Project (PPT, 6 MB)

Stephanie Hussey, RBFF 
Rob Southwick, Southwick Associates

RBFF’s next steps for year two evaluations and moving forward with year three of the program.
Session 1 (MOV, 3 MB, 6:06)

Celia Bassols, RBFF 
Best practices and trends in direct mail, and messaging and integration in direct mail marketing.
Session 2 (MOV, 8 MB, 12:10)

Celia Bassols, RBFF 

Discussion includes how state agencies are leveraging other RBFF programs, including the Take Me Fishing™ campaign and the Anglers’ Legacy™ program, and ways to get involved.
Session 3 (MOV, 10 MB, 18:12)

Stephanie Hussey, RBFF 
Discussion about other RBFF state initiatives, specifically the Oregon Boat Registration Pilot Program.
Session 4 (MOV, 11 MB, 20:55)

Stephanie Hussey, RBFF 
Discussion about other RBFF state initiatives, specifically the boating and fishing access project.
Session 5 (MOV, 7 MB, 12:36)


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