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RBFF State Marketing Programs Boost License & Registration Sales

RBFF this month announced that its State Marketing Programs continue to positively impact state fishing license sales and boat registrations.

Boating Program

State Program Result BoatingFor the second straight year, states have seen an uptick in boat registrations thanks to RBFF’s State Boat Registration Marketing Program. More than 588,000 letters were sent to boaters with lapsed registrations in 19 partner states, enticing them to renew their registrations and not miss out on another season on the water. Overall, more than 48,000 boats were re-registered as a result of the program, leading to nearly $1.7 million in gross revenue.


Moving into 2014, the main focus will be on partnering with more states in order to increase the reach of the Boat Registration Marketing Program.

Fishing Program

State Program Results FishingRBFF’s State Fishing License Marketing Program saw another year of positive results, reaching lapsed anglers in 40 states. Postcards were mailed to more than 2.7 million individuals who had yet to renew their fishing licenses.  As a result, 229,310 licenses were sold, generating more than $4.6 million in gross revenue.


A new, black-and-white postcard (see sample image) performed very well in tests this year and will be the sole direct mail piece in 2014. RBFF expects to see decreased program costs and increased response as a result of this change.

Again in 2013, both programs were fully funded and implemented by RBFF on behalf of state agencies, with the participating state agencies receiving 100 percent of the revenue generated.

It is estimated that participating state agencies will benefit from an additional $1.3 million for both programs from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, in addition to the revenues gained through partnering with RBFF on the programs.

“RBFF’s state marketing efforts represent an important partnership with state agencies to help to get more boating and fishing participants out on the water,” said RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson. “Increased fishing license sales and boat registrations present a win-win for RBFF, state agencies and the citizens who utilize state resources.”

In addition to the State Marketing Programs, RBFF drives consumers to the license and registration pages on state agency websites. In FY13, drove more than 1.2 million referrals to state fishing license pages and nearly 110,000 referrals to state boat registration pages.

For more information on RBFF’s State Marketing Programs, email RBFF Director of State Initiatives Stephanie Hussey at

RBFF Hispanic Outreach Plan to Launch in Florida and Texas


RBFF this month announced that Florida and Texas will serve as test markets for the launch of its five-year Hispanic Outreach Plan. In partnership with the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission and Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, outreach will begin in spring 2014.

Nick Wiley, Executive Director of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said “The FWC is excited to work with RBFF to better engage our Hispanic citizens. We must be more effective in conveying our conservation messages and learn how to increase Hispanic participation in boating and fishing. These nature-based activities are great ways for families to enjoy the outdoors, help support our economy, and create jobs.”

Carter Smith, Executive Director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said "Texas Parks and Wildlife welcomes this partnership with RBFF to improve outreach to Hispanic audiences. The effort reflects the priority we place on better serving all Texans. This is a business imperative for us, in light of the rapidly changing demographics in our state. It is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do if we wish to maintain support for natural resource conservation and outdoor recreation into the future.”

Hispanic Pilot Program StatesCapitalizing on the growing Hispanic population as a key market segment for first–time anglers, RBFF announced earlier this year the development of the five-year plan.

Both Florida and Texas have a strong potential in closing the gap of under representation of Hispanics in fishing and boating. According to the U.S. Census Bureau:

  • At 36 percent, Texas has the highest 16+ Hispanic population in the country. However, only 17 percent of that population represents active anglers.
  • Florida has a current Hispanic population of 24 percent with only five percent active anglers.

RBFF’s Hispanic Outreach Plan will focus heavily on awareness and education in the upfront years, and then will shift to drive participation in years three through five. The campaign will include a micro site, along with digital and radio ads, and a series of events. Print public service announcements are also being considered. Building on the 2014 test market results, a market expansion will begin in 2015. National outreach efforts will continue to build and optimize throughout 2016 and 2017.

Stay tuned to NewsWaves for additional information about RBFF’s Hispanic Outreach Plan, and resources for state and industry stakeholders.   

Five Reasons to “Fall” for Fishing and Boating


RBFF recently released a new visual way to encourage consumers to get outside and fish and boat in the fall. The infographic, titled “Fall for Fishing and Boating” offers five reasons for beginners to get out and try fishing and boating in Autumn.


The infographic, which was announced through a press release, email communication and social media sharing, is part of a wider effort to provide more visual content to our audiences.

“A recent report from socialbakersnoted that 93% of the most engaging posts on Facebook are photos,” said RBFF President and CEO Frank Peterson. “We are continually working to inspire our audience and a visual component like an infographic, helps us to reach more individuals and encourage them to get outside to boat and fish.”

RBFF encourages its partners to share the Fall for Fishing and Boating infographic within their consumer communications. Consider:

  • Downloadingthe infographic and posting it to your website as a graphic, and/or adding it to your organization’s emails.
  • Like and share the Take Me Fishing infographic poston your own Facebook page.
  • Re-post the infographic from the Take Me Fishing blog, sharing with your consumers and followers through posts on your blogs and on Twitter and other social media.

For more information about RBFF's social media content and resources, email RBFF Communications Manager Elizabeth Bender at