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Hispanic NewsWaves is Here!

Hispanic NewsWaves is Here

RBFF is excited to announce the first edition of Hispanic NewsWaves. We will release this newsletter on a quarterly basis and it will provide the latest on RBFF’s Hispanic marketing efforts and insights on the Hispanic marketplace. Other topics will include highlights on conferences, details on upcoming projects, and relevant market research essential to building strong relationships with the Hispanic consumer.

"It’s critical to engage Hispanics in fishing and boating now to ensure their long term sustainability," says Frank Peterson, President and CEO of RBFF. "In addition to marketing the Vamos a Pescar campaign, we want to arm stakeholders with the tools and resources they need to begin marketing to Hispanics on their own."

We hope you enjoy reading this Hispanic Edition of NewsWaves. If you have thoughts on a topic you would like us to cover, please send us an email at

Thanks for supporting our latest effort to spread the joy of recreational fishing and boating!

Hispanic Panel Highlights from ICAST 2014

Hispanic Panel Highlights from ICAST 2014

We all know that the face of America is changing and with that, comes a need for adjustments in the way we connect new groups to the joys of fishing and boating. For instance, Hispanics, who are projected to compose 20 percent of the U.S. population by 2020, will have a significant impact on spending and revenue. Women are also beginning to play a more important role whether they are looking to enjoy a new personal hobby or looking for new ways to spend time together as a family.

Take a look at just a few of the incredible statistics and insights shared during this session:

  • "100% of growth in sales is going to come from multicultural customers." – Tony Rogers, SVP Brand Marketing, Walmart
  • Women make up 34% of all fishing participants, 45% of all boating participants and 42% of first‐time anglers
  • Hispanics place a lot of value on family time and shared experiences. When marketing to this group, there’s an opportunity to demonstrate “togethering,” promoting fishing and boating as activities that can bring the entire family together.
  • A rod and reel aren’t just tools to catch fish, rather tools to share the fishing experience and create family togetherness.

With all these great findings, as insightful as they are, make sure to catch RBFF’s upcoming appearances at IBEX 2014 Conference in Tampa, FL September 29th through October 1st and the ASA Sportfishing Summit in San Antonio, TX October 15th through October 17th where we’ll dive deeper into how you can better engage with the Hispanic consumer.


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  2. 2012 USCG National Recreational Boating Survey

Hispanic Toolkit Now Available

Hispanic Toolkit Now Available

RBFF strives to provide stakeholders with the latest tools and resources available to the boating and fishing industry. Whether it’s yearly reports, or news on the latest trends, we constantly seek new information that will help you maximize your business goals.

With the launch of our Hispanic campaign, Vamos A Pescar, the importance of our Hispanic communities has never been greater. That’s why we offer a portfolio of resources that will help you connect with an audience who’s waiting to be invited out on the water. These insights and resources will strengthen your conversation with Hispanics, or even point you in the right direction when getting started. And don’t forget to check out our “coming soon” section for resources that will be released in the coming months.

  • Spanish Translation Guide to Commonly Used Fishing and Boating Terms – This glossary of Spanish fishing and boating terms will ensure you’re speaking to the Hispanic consumer in their own vernacular, on a conversational level.
  • Multicultural Photo Library – Our extensive and professional photo library offers downloadable images of families having fun while boating and fishing. These images will give your marketing materials a stronger connection to Hispanic consumers.
  • Educational Webinar & Research – The presentation, Engaging the Hispanic Audience: Insights to Actions, offers key details and findings that reflect the opportunity represented by our Hispanic population in the U.S. These statistics, insights and data will provide you with a crash course in beginning your Hispanic efforts.
  • PSAs – Now available for download, the Spanish‐language Fish & Protect radio and TV PSAs will allow you to share the importance of conservation with Hispanic consumers.
  • “How To” Videos – In order to get Hispanics out on the water, we need to first show them how to fish. These Spanish‐language videos take a step‐by‐step approach in teaching newcomers the most important basics. You can even embed the videos onto your own website! View here
  • Web Banner – Let others know about by downloading the Spanish‐language web banner to use on your consumer‐facing website

Coming Soon

  • Take Me Fishing, Vamos A Pescar Brand Book – This tool will help you distinguish one brand from the other. It will provide detail on how to use the Take Me Fishing and Vamos A Pescar logos in the correct way.
  • Educational Webinar & Research 2.0 – The next installment of Hispanic marketing education offering updates on the FY15 Vamos A Pescar campaign, new statistics on Hispanic population in the U.S. and a deeper look at insights that drive and motivate the Hispanic consumer to purchase.

Looking Forward: Hispanic Millennials and Our Industry's Future

Hispanic Millennials and Our Industrys Future

The Hispanic population is fueling our nation’s growth, but they under‐index in many outdoor activities, such as boating and fishing, putting the future of the industry at risk.

The key to industry growth is engaging with the Hispanic consumer, especially millennials who make up more than 65% of the Hispanic population in the U.S. Though their spending on outdoor goods has gone up, their relationship with the outdoors is diminished. However, Hispanic millennials are open to trying new things and taking on new hobbies. But how do we get them to listen to us?

It remains crucial to share the excitement of fishing and boating with Hispanics and to show them fishing and boating are social and interactive activities, which allow the whole family to have fun. Because Hispanics are much younger than the rest of the population, they are a good consumer to build a lasting relationship with. Today, nearly one in four children born in the U.S. comes from a Hispanic family.

Here are some practices you can use to start building your relationship with Hispanic millennials:

  • Make fishing and boating culturally relevant: Instead of following strict cultural norms, Hispanic millennials want to mix their Hispanic and American cultural values in order to live a bicultural lifestyle. They haven’t been heavily exposed to fishing and boating, so they perceive them to be expensive, passive and difficult to learn or enjoy. As an industry, we should break down those stereotypes by promoting fishing and boating as social and fun ways to spend time outside, especially with their families and friends. The efforts of our website,, aim to do this by inviting Hispanics to go fishing and by providing them with valuable tools, such as interactive maps and fishing how‐to information, both in English and Spanish.
  • Create a strong digital media presence: Because this audience over‐indexes in usage of technology, it’s important that we start conversations with them through different online media, such as websites and social media platforms. By allowing Hispanics to share their experiences, brand choices and opinions through social and mobile platforms, we’ll empower Hispanics to further participate in outdoor activities. Verizon FiOS has been able to engage Hispanics through its Somos FiOS Facebook. With over 105,000 likes, the Somos FiOS page maintains constant dialogue with the audience; instead of just using promotional and Verizon‐related content, they stand out by posting engaging content related to pop culture. They have created a space for followers to share their experiences and, in turn, many of their posts reach over 120,000 people.
  • Establish a relationship with them in their own environment by participating in events and causes that are important to them: The Hispanic millennial lifestyle is driven by its culture, so they appreciate those who take it into consideration when selling them on a product or idea. Recognizing them during Hispanic Heritage Month, or other cultural holidays throughout the year, shows them that we care about who they are. Over the years, the National Football League has grown their outreach by celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, broadcasting games in Spanish, and having an online space dedicated to Spanish‐ speaking NFL enthusiasts. Their outreach has been so effective that the 2012 Super Bowl drew in nearly 10 million Hispanic viewers.

By encouraging Hispanic millennials to be loyal anglers and boaters today, we are ensuring our community’s growth, because their families will make up our future audience. Ultimately, our goal is to increase the social value of activities related to the great outdoors. If given a chance, we should reach out to others in the industry for potential partnerships that would open more opportunities to connect with Hispanics — combining events, sharing databases and promoting each other’s activities on mutual sites. In doing so, we can better serve this community that is just waiting to be invited and involved.

Source: From Futbol to Football: How the NFL and Soccer are Competing for Hispanic American Viewership, Nielsen 20

Additional News First‐Quarter Metrics Now Available

VamosAPescar First‐Quarter Metrics Now Available

The first‐quarter performance numbers are in for since its April 1 launch. We’re encouraged by the results and hope you are, too! Take a look here for the topline metrics.

Upcoming Research: Hispanics & Boating

Upcoming Research Hispanics Boating

RBFF is launching co‐sponsored research into finding valuable insights on Hispanics and boating. The research is planned for fielding during the Fall 2014. Please contact Frank Peterson for more information.

Discover Boating’s "Stories of Discovery"

Discover Boatings Stories of Discovery

RBFF recently partnered with NMMA and its Discover Boating campaign in the creation of a short video of a Hispanic family explaining how they discovered their passion for life on the water. The Vazquez Family story is just one of a series of documentaries that can be found at

Beginner’s Guide to Boating Now en Español!

Beginners Guide to Boating Now en Español

RBFF and NMMA have released the Spanish‐language edition of the Beginner’s Guide to Boating. Spanish speakers can now enjoy all the same great info provided in the English version. Request a copy here!