RBFF's free Event Planning resources make it easy to plan and promote a successful event with information on logistical how-to's and event ideas, to tips for identifying and mobilizing local partners and sponsors.





Are you looking for a new way to bring customers to your store or perhaps broaden exposure of your organization or program? If the answer is yes, we encourage you to look closely at some of the advantages of hosting or participating in a fishing, boating and aquatic stewardship event. You'll see that it is not only fun, but it produces tangible benefits.

Across the nation, organizations just like yours have hosted events and, in turn, increased media exposure, store traffic and interest in their products and services.

Why Host an Event?

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  • Register Your Event! Free publicity for your event to anyone visiting TakeMeFishing.org - from potential sponsors to interested participants.
  • National Fishing & Boating Week! Be part of this annual, national celebration of fishing and boating coordinated by RBFF. NFBW occurs the first full week of June and coincides with most state’s free fishing days.

Here are some of the benefits your organization can take advantage of:

Generate traffic through your doors
Communicating to your target audience can be expensive -- and your audience may not always be listening. However, by hosting a fishing, boating and aquatic stewardship event, you'll have the opportunity to communicate directly with people who are interested in what you have to offer. Host an event and you'll find:

  • Access to a captive audience;guests are attending your event by choice because they have an interest in fishing, boating and the environment.
  • Attendees are actively seeking to participate in the activities or programs you provide.
  • Raising awareness with participants may lead to added traffic in your store orhigher interest and participation in your organization.

Receive positive media exposure for your organization and event
The media is always looking for human interest stories, and fishing, boating and aquatic stewardship events provide wonderful examples. Publicity will make your company's or organization's name familiar to the public -- many of whom you may not currently reach through your existing marketing plan. RBFF will promote the TakeMeFishing.org listing of registered events to outdoor and lifestyle writers around the country. It's important to register your event early to take advantage of this free publicity. Using our Publicity Materials will help you to capitalize on the opportunity to reach the media and persuade them to:

  • Write articles featuring your event in your local newspaper.
  • Include photographs of your event in the paper's coverage.
  • Run feature stories on television news broadcasts.
  • Air on-site radio broadcasts from a local station.

Save money
The Event Planning materials provide a wealth of information and resources to help make your event successful with minimal cost to you. In addition, by utilizing the Take Me Fishing campaign materials, your event - regardless of size - will receive legitimacy and support at both the local and national level. Registered events will be posted on TakeMeFishing.org. By using these event planning materials, you will be able to:

  • Reproduce free event posters and flyers to promote your event.
  • Gain access to Public Service Announcements.
  • Diversify your event with unique event ideas.
  • Contact state and national sources of fishing, boating and aquatic stewardship information.

Develop strong partnerships with other businesses and organizations
The same benefits you seek for hosting an event will surely interest other organizations. Such organizations can become long-time business partners. Regardless of your position, it will be in your best interest to look for partners that will help make your event a success, and ultimately, further your business goals. Partnership and sponsorship development will help you gain additional event partners, which can offer:

  • Added event attraction
    • Local retailers may provide gift certificates (or other prizes) for event participants.
    • Non-profit organizations can partner with manufacturers or retailers who can provide needed equipment for ongoing programs.
    • Manufacturers can partner with organizations and develop exciting fishing, boating and aquatic stewardship programs.
  • Increased exposure
    • Organizations and agencies can provide other companies with added exposure to its members; partner organizations also may provide volunteers.
    • The "name" alone of large local or national organizations adds legitimacy to the event.
    • A multitude of partners will add excitement to any event.

Promote aquatic stewardship
An aquatic stewardship component is beneficial to any event. By promoting the betterment of the environment in your area, you are communicating that you care about your community. And best of all, you are helping those in your community understand the importance and value of the resources upon which fishing and boating depend.