• Why Support RBFF's Mission?

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    Corporate Partnerships

    The Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) works to increase participation through educational and marketing efforts targeted to both new and experienced anglers and boaters. RBFF taps into America’s love of the outdoors to remind folks of all the great experiences and memories that can be made out on the water!

    Boating and fishing aren’t simply pastimes; they’re passions. That’s an emotional connection you can turn into customer loyalty, product excitement, promotion participation and positive brand awareness. Partnering with RBFF will provide much needed funds to run programs around the country to promote family togetherness, youth engagement with outdoor activities and aquatic conservation efforts.

    Good Name

    RBFF brands and programs attract highly motivated newcomers and enthusiasts in very large numbers —

    • Take Me Fishing™ Brand = More than 638 million consumer impressions annually
    • TakeMeFishing.org = 4 million visits in 2010
    • Youth Programs = More than 700,000 youth engaged in 2010

    Good Will

    Because RBFF is a not-for-profit organization, its many successes are measured not by a monetary bottom line, but by how many people we help connect to the water and to each other. Associating with RBFF reinforces with your customers and prospects that you care about the quality of the nation’s waterways, its youth, and the importance of outdoor activities for all.

    Good Business

    Investing in an RBFF partnership means your company is investing in an established campaign that captures the interest of millions of consumers who want to hear your message.You can be sure that RBFF will use your money effectively and efficiently. In 2010, 93% of funding went directly toward furthering the mission of RBFF through programs, marketing and outreach.