Corporate Partnerships  

All partnerships can be customized to fit your company’s needs!

General Contribution

Support RBFF's mission.

Meeting and Workshop

Help RBFF put as much money into grants/programs by underwriting our participation at Industry events and our State Workshop program. Your company will be recognized by RBFF at the meeting or workshop.

Special Events

Become a sponsor of RBFF events and events in which RBFF participates, such as National Fishing and Boating Week.

Special Grant Fund

RBFF will create an XYZ Company Grant Fund in your area of interest, send out a request for proposals and grant funds to applicable programs.

Cause-Related Marketing

Promote a designated portion of the proceeds of each sale to be donated to benefit RBFF, offer a discount to customers or prospects who make a donation to RBFF, sponsor a Take Me Fishing fundraising or educational event at your location, promote a co-branded contest or sweepstakes and more.

Suggested areas of focus for your partnership:

  • Fishing Initiatives
  • Boating Initiatives
  • Safe Boating Initiatives
  • Conservation Programs
  • Youth Participation Programs
  • New Angler and Boater Programs

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