• RBFF Initiatives and Programs

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    Below is just a sampling of what RBFF and Take Me Fishing offer!




    Align your sponsorship to focus on the conservation mission of RBFF.


    • Explore The Blue – This interactive program and website brings on-the-water experiences to life through cross-curricular lesson plans, printable outdoor activities for the family, and an interactive boating and fishing game.
    • Passport to Fishing & Boating– Provides skills, techniques and information that novices need to begin boating and fishing in their communities. 
    • Little Lunkers – A club for little anglers, where they can learn new things and get ready to head out on the water with fun, fish-related games.
    • Outdoor Nation – A growing youth-led movement sponsored by RBFF that is working to champion outdoor issues on campuses and in communities, specifically the growing disconnect between young people and the outdoors.

    Engage New Anglers and Boaters

    • Event Planning Kit – A step-by-step guide to planning, promoting and hosting successful fishing, boating and aquatic stewardship events.

    Meeting, Workshop, or Special Event