• Corporate Partnerships

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    Corporate Partnerships

    How Can Your Company or Organization Participate with RBFF?

    Become a Partner

    A year-round, national partnership package guarantees prime visibility and impact. Becoming a partner gives your organization the rights and benefits to leverage a robust, turnkey affiliation with the Take Me Fishing campaign and to harness the momentum of a highly successful national advertising campaign that generates millions of impressions through television, radio, print, online, events and other communications every year, as well as — the award-winning website that has grown to be America’s primary vehicle for increasing awareness, interest andparticipation in boating, fishing and aquatic resource conservation.

    Sponsor a Program, Meeting, Workshop or Special Event

    Program areas include: Fishing, Boating, Conservation, Youth, Social Media,Industry Meetings, State Workshops and Special Events.

    Create an Individualized Fundraising Campaign

    • A cause-related marketing promotion in which a portion of the proceeds of each designated sale is donated to RBFF.
    • A discount offered on your product or service to your customers, prospects or employees who make an RBFF donation.
    • A Take Me Fishing fundraising or educational event sponsored at your location.
    • A co-created, co-branded merchandise line or item especially designed for your Take Me Fishing promotion.
    • A co-branded contest or sweepstakes in which proceeds help support conservation.
    • A donation call-out campaign promoted through onsite messaging, digital or direct mail campaigns.

    Please contact Rachel Auslander, Industry Outreach Manager, for more information and to get involved.
    Direct: (703) 519-9546

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