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    The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing participation in fishing, boating and aquatic stewardship.

    RBFF's 2015 Annual Report provides a detailed summary on the Foundation's projects and accomplishments during fiscal year 2015. The report includes a progress overview of our boating and fishing initiatives, industry and state agency partnerships as well as the Foundation's goals in the coming year.

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  • RBFF Stakeholders


    Our Stakeholders

    Since the ultimate success in fulfilling RBFF's mission depends on the active participation and shared ownership by the full range of interested stakeholders, RBFF seeks to build strong relationships with all partners and stakeholders based on honest, open and timely communication efforts that: keep RBFF partners and stakeholders "in the loop," encourage partner and stakeholder participation, and keep RBFF partners and stakeholders feeling invited, included, listened to and supported in efforts to achieve mutually-shared goals.

    RBFF stakeholder groups include:

    • State and federal natural resources agency personnel, including those involved with aquatic education, license sales and marketing, fisheries management, parks/access site management, communications, education and information management
    • State, federal and local law enforcement agencies with mandates in the boater safety, access and education arenas
    • Tourism agencies, parks and recreation agencies, convention and visitor bureaus and businesses relying on aquatic resource-based recreation
    • Fishing and boating industry, including manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers, as well as service providers such as marinas, guides, etc.
    • Outdoor and environmental educators
    • Youth and family advocacy and service organizations
    • Non-governmental advocacy or public interest groups such as:
      -Conservation organizations
      -Fishing and boating organizations
      -Safety organizations
    • Media and outdoor communications groups