• Company Overview

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    The Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to growing participation in fishing, boating and aquatic stewardship.

    RBFF's 2015 Annual Report provides a detailed summary on the Foundation's projects and accomplishments during fiscal year 2015. The report includes a progress overview of our boating and fishing initiatives, industry and state agency partnerships as well as the Foundation's goals in the coming year.

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    View the Audited Financial Statements

  • Our Staff


    RBFF Staff

    Frank Peterson, Jr.
    (703) 778-5157
    e-mail Frank

    Rachel Auslander
    Manager, Strategic Partnerships
    (703) 519-9546
    e-mail Rachel

    Bruna Carincotte
    PR & Social Media Manager
    (703) 519-6917
    e-mail Bruna

    Jennifer Edwards
    Marketing Coordinator
    (703) 253-4582
    e-mail Jennifer

    John Franklin
    Web Operations Manager
    (703) 778-5161
    e-mail John

    Jim Hemenway
    Vice President, Finance & Administration
    (703) 778-5154
    e-mail Jim

    Stephanie Hussey
    Director, State Initiatives
    (703) 778-5152
    e-mail Stephanie

    Maria Knight
    Director, Digital Strategy & Operations
    (703) 519-9375
    e-mail Maria

    Holly Mahla
    Office Manager
    (703) 778-5151
    e-mail Holly

    Joanne Martonik
    Marketing Program Manager
    (703) 778-5153
    e-mail Joanne

    Charles Neville
    Web Developer
    (703) 778-5159
    e-mail Charles

    Rachel Piacenza
    Marketing Manager
    (703) 519-9542
    e-mail Rachel

    Johana Reyes
    Digital Content Manager
    (703) 778-5158
    e-mail Johana

    David Rodgers
    Marketing Coordinator 
    (703) 253-7268
    e-mail David

    Emily Romig
    Administrative Assistant
    (703) 778-5155
    e-mail Emily 

    Stephanie West Vatalaro
    Director, Communications
    (703) 778-5156
    e-mail Stephanie