One of the first steps in going fishing on the coast is choosing from all the amazing saltwater fishing locations available. From Maine to Washington state, anglers can find everything from surf fishing to backwater fishing to bays and estuaries and offshore fishing. With choices ranging from shallow inshore flats to the deep-sea fishing of the Continental Shelf, anglers of all levels are sure to find the best fishing spots to suit their adventure. 

Additionally, deciding where to fish will help you to know what species you can target, what tackle you may need and if you will need a boat to get there. Check out all the different saltwater fishing locations the U.S. coastline offers as well as a few tips and tricks for catching fish in each.

Are big fish biting in your area today? Find out using the FishBrain Fishing Forecast below. It helps you determine when to get out on the water for specific species in your area using geological data of catches and weather reports.