• Saltwater Fishing Knots

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    Saltwater Fishing Knots

    There are hundreds of saltwater fishing knots, but most anglers only need to know a handful of knots. A uni knot is easy to tie and very strong. It’s good for connecting line to lures, snaps or swivels. A blood knot will join two similar pieces of line, but a bimini twist or an Albright knot is best for joining fishing lines of different diameters. Learn how to tie a dropper loop, and you’ll be able to tie your own bottomrigs.

    Saltwater Fishing Swivels, Snaps and Crimps

    Fishing swivels, snaps and crimps are the weakest links in the fishing chain. Choosing the correct connectors will strengthen the system. The best fishing swivels use ball bearings to turn freely and increase strength. The latest generation of fishing swivels is ultra small and very strong. Snap swivels are great for changing out lures or rigs without having to re-tie, but they are weaker than straight swivels. For heavy line (more than 100 pound test), metal crimps replace knots. Fishing swivels and snaps are rated by pound test or size number; be sure that the size of the connector matches or exceeds the pound test of the line.