Buy a Fishing License Online

One of the most important items any angler needs before they go fishing is their fishing license. Each state has their own regulations and offers daily, short-term, annual or lifetime licenses.


  • Fishing licenses can be easily purchased online.
  • Low price licenses, some states offers free or reduced-fee sport fishing licenses.
  • Many places to use your fishing license including: freshwater reservoirs, public fishing lakes, rivers, and streams.
  • You are contributing to state conservation programs such as: fishery management, habitat protection and fishing education.
  • You are protecting, preserving and enhancing the sport of fishing today and for generations to come.


  • You will need to know the fishing rules and regulations of the state you are planning to go fishing.


  • Some states require to be at least 18 years old to get a fishing license.
  • Always check for updates to state fishing regulations before each trip since laws can vary depending on the region and body of water.

Click on your state to find out where to buy a fishing license, types of fishing licenses available, age requirements, fishing regulations and fishing license online options.