• Fly Fishing Waders

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    Waders offer protection from the water, usually covering from just above the knee to the tip of the toe. Mostly used for small streams and bank fishing, hip waders come in several different materials and styles, and are the most minimal style of wader protection. With a simple loop and buckle at the top to keep the wader from sliding down the leg, they connect to the belt loop and are very easy to step in and out of. Some waders offer more protection, covering the chest, with suspenders looping over the shoulders to hold them in place.

    Consider eschewing traditional felt-soled wading boots. Felt soles absorb water, which can carry aquatic nuisance species and fish-killing diseases including didymo, New Zealand mud snails and whirling disease. Wearing boots with rubber soles will help curb the spread of invasive species in precious fly fishing waters. Plus, a number of companies that make fly fishing gear, such as Simms, are phasing out production of felt-soled footwear. Wearing rubber soles now will put you ahead of the game.