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Because the hot summer sun can be harmful, your skin should be protected

Even in warm weather it's a good idea to take a sweater or jacket and rain gear. Though it may be warm during much of the day, many fishing trips begin early when it's still chilly and end late in the evening when it gets cool.

Western-style hats offer good protection from glare and sunburn.Lightweight, light-colored, baseball-style caps are also popular and will help keep you cool. In tropical areas, such as Florida and the Gulf Coast, some saltwater anglers put a cloth on the back of their caps to keep their necks from getting sunburned. Hats also protect your head from hooks on poor casts.

A pair of high-top sneakers is ideal for protecting your feet from sharp rocks and glass while wading in the summer. They will also protect your feet while you are fishing from the bank. When on a boat,wear shoes designed to keep you from slipping on a wet boat deck.

Content courtesy of the Future Fisherman Foundation.